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If I could recall my secondary school years, NYDC was one of the places for desserts. Little did I know that this brand was originated from New York and had established its first shop at Holland Village since 1995. 

Until now, I still don't understand why this chocolate cake is called Boo Boo ($6.80/slice or $62/whole). But I do know it still has the same taste as the first time I've had it. It is simply a light, not overwhelmingly rich chocolate mousse on chocolate sponge draped in a thin chocolate ganache.

The Goldmine Cheesecake ($7.20/slice or $68/whole) is a classical dense New York-style cheesecake that sits on a firm Oreo cookie base that disintegrates less easily than usual digestive crust. The softest and the best part lies on the top, where the creamy cheese fuses with a smooth chocolate fudge.
If you are looking for something to beat the heat, then this "3-some"mudpie ($11.80/slice) will be a refreshing treat. I happily chomped through the chocolate chip cookie dough, strawberry and strawberry cheesecake ice cream on graham crackers, though it has an almost synthetic sweet aftertaste.
What tempted me the most is the Jedi Mudster ($11.80/slice), a double chocolate chip and macademia nut ice cream on an oreo base, drizzled in gooey chocolate fudge. Though it sounds like a challenging chocolate monster to defeat, it is less sweeter than the 3-some mudpie without being too cloying.
In addition, they have 6 new mudpies and 6 new cake items which we did not try this time round, including Englishman New York (light sponge and white chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea), Passion for Cheesecake (passionfruit and raspberry jelly in traditional cheesecake) and P-Nut Buttered Up (peanut butter and black sesame in cheesecake).

They certainly sound promising enough for me to plot a revisit, perhaps back to this outlet because I like the rock and roll pigs, don't you?
This is the 6th stop of Bugis Food Trail 2013 organised by omy.sg and Bugis Junction. Check out the full list of all ten stops here!
New York Dessert Cafe (NYDC) Bugis Junction


  1. i remembered you were super enjoying the desserts and we were rushing for the next stop!We just can;t resist the temptations

    1. Haha...yeps. It's quite amazing how much food we ate that day! I never realised until I started writing and editing all the photos. I think we can give our stomachs a good pat for the tremendous job:D


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