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As some lament about the gentrification of the Tiong Bahru area, I think it is still heartening to know that some old eateries are not completely abolished. After my previous trip to Tiong Bahru at Abe's Diner, I have returned many times to try out the food at Tiong Bahru Market, especially after hearing good recommendations from foodie friends on Instagram. 
The Family don't usually travel far for hawker food since there are already so many delicious ones in our area. The first dish was none other than Kovan Rojak, which already received much attention in the media. This is a branch from the Kovan Hawker Centre but the owner oversees the business here while his son runs the Kovan stall.

The rojak starts at $3, add $2 for jellyfish and $1 for century egg. So we went for the full set which was buried in punchy gravy and heaps of peanuts. Nearly everything was good,the century egg was surprisingly bouncy. However, the gravy needs more Assam/tamarind paste and lime juices to shine. This soggy Tau Pok and You Tiao (dough fritters) may appeal to those who likes them chewy but we prefer crunchy, well-toasted ones

Hence, its twin, the Tau Kwah Poh ($4) hit the right note. The dried cuttlefish, dough fritters and beancurd puff were grilled upon order and stayed crisp till the last bits. The mango, cucumber and pineapple lent a refreshing note when dipped into the chilli sauce and rojak shrimp paste. Thanks to the Kovan Rojak, there was ample leftover gravy to go with the tau kwa poh.

Next up is the famous Jian Bo Chwee Kuey! At 4 for $1.40, it is slightly more expensive than the Bedok Chwee Kueh (4for$1) but we do not mind because the chye poh here is EXCELLENT. You can notice that extra nutty aroma and crunchy texture because it is stir fried with sesame seeds. As the owners continue to mill their own rice flour for the chwee Kuey, each petite rice cake is soft to each bite.
When a hawker stall has a long queue, join in. Even if it does not turned out to be super delicious, it won't be too bad either.  Fortunately, the Lor Mee($2.50) falls into the first category. Perhaps what draws regular crowd is the Shark Meat Fritters (add 50cents) and the braised gravy. Mix all the chilli sauce, grated ginger, vinegar, gravy, some crunchy stuff together with the noodles and you'll get a simple, comforting bowl of Lor Mee minus the braised egg and ngor hiong.

Is that all? Of course not. Stay tune for more drooling food pictures as I continue to hunt down more food at Tiong Bahru! 
Store List:
  • Kovan Rojak (11am-9.30pm daily, Close on Wed)
  • Jian Bo Shui Kueh  #02-05 (6.30am to 11pm daily)
  • Tow Kwar Poh #02-06 (11.30am-10pm daily
  • 178 Lor Mee(6am-9.30pm daily, Close on Wed
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