Zhen Zhou Dao Porridge

 Some might think that celebrity cafes are over-rated in the media and their food quality is lacking. However, this may be an exception. Run by the chef-owner Mr Sean Goh and his wife, Ms Grace Lim (whose father is the prominent gourmand-actor Moses Lim), this air-conditioned cafe serves unpretentious home-style porridges that are steaming hot and flavorful.

Instead of their classic minced pork and pork liver porridge, we went for the Scallop porridge which was filled with generous amount of sweet and plump scallops that justified its hefty price tag. 

 True to speak, the porridge was not cooked down to paste-like congee but not as watery as Teo chew porridge. Somewhat like a Cantonese-Teo Chew hybrid. Go for the lobster porridge if you wish to pamper yourself.

The Braised Platter $6 consists of pork belly, beancurd puffs, beancurd and egg stewed in dark soya sauce. The flavorful braised gravy penetrates all the ingredients, reminding us of those Taiwanese home-style braised dishes. Same goes for the braised chicken wings $ 4(pic below)which are not too oily but succulent.
How can one afford to miss Salmon Yu Sheng ($6) when having porridge? The version here is truly fresh (with an extra seal of approval from the old folk who grew up eating freshly caught fish) and appetizing with the splash of the zesty lime dressing.

The porridge may be slightly more expensive than average hawker fare ($3-$6.50) but is value for money. A comfortable and cooling place that allows one to enjoy tasty porridge without sweating profusely.

Zhen Zhou Dao
228 Tanjong Katong Road (Nearest to Dakota MRT)
11am - 9pm (Tue - Sun), closed on Mon

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  1. Note that the serving is only 3/4 full. Double the price of that zhen zhen porridge. No flavor yet so expensive. Give this place a miss. All the hype write up about this place is fake, judging from the empty tables almost everyday.

    1. You sounded like that Hillman John who's been bombarding almost every good review this place gets on hungrygowhere. Can be really annoying to read your repetitive negative comments which sounded like its based on a one off visit you had. This place offers great quality food & excellent service with no GST & no Service Charge. You should stop discrediting people like us who've been there many times and still liked it.

      If you cannot afford it, take your money somewhere else.

    2. Do you sit outside to observe this place everyday that you actually know they have empty tables almost everyday? Cos for the past few weeks, whenever I walk past, they are definitely NOT always empty! And whenever I dine in, the serving is NOT 3/4 full and the price is definitely reasonable! Talk about taste, they sell good quality food!

      So I can be sure that you are either a competitor trying to talk bad about them or you have a personal grudge against the owners that you want to write untrue things like this. Either way, shame on you!


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