Lucha Loco

Lucha Loco, a place that sells gourmet mexican street food, has been receiving rave reviews since it opened last year and we were glad that our experience with the food there turned out to be an amazing and memorable one.

I did not regret ordering the Elotes($8) despite knowing that it was just a corn. No, I should correct myself and say that it was an extraordinary grilled corn smeared with chilli, mayonaise and cotija cheese that burst out sweet juices in each bite. I never knew a corn could have such a great allure.

Since tacos are the first thing that comes to mind for Mexican cuisine, we instinctively picked the Tacos de pesdacos ($11), which is the fish version instead of pork belly, beef or shrimp. Ceviche (raw fish "cooked" in lime and lemon juice) was another popular item on many tables but we did not feel like having it that day.

The tender chunks of grilled snapper dressed in chipotle mayo was smoky and slightly fiery. Admittedly, the tortilla skin was rather stretchy, but that extra red pepper salsa added a desirable crunch and zest to it.

I imagined the Crab Tostaditas with habanero, avocado and cucumber ($16) to be crunchy and creamy but somehow the dish did not deliver the taste. They were on the light, bland side.

Our favourite was this vegan dish, Chiles Relanos($24), an ugly-looking roasted poblano pepper stuffed with rice, herbs and wild mushrooms. Every spoonful of filling with the heavenly pumpkin sauce simply lifts up your mood. So delicious that I did not mind skipping other meaty mains.

Can you spot some yellow corn?
As a dessert lover, I was sad to see only two items but ended up extremely pleased with the Pastel de Elote Azul ($14), a crumbly cake made with blue cornmeal topped with mezcal alcohol-spiked whipped cream. (Though it was served after 20min and not 5min as informed by the waiter) Moistened with agave nectar, the cake had a unique coarse texture and a subtle sweetness.  Who says good cakes must be light and fluffy? This one is divine--a MUST TRY.

To conclude, this is definitely the place to go for some authentic Mexican street food. If you are coming here for a full meal, I recommend that you order the main meal that are larger in portions as prices adds up when you order those small-sized appetizers.

Plus, the cocktails here are not to be missed for those who loves drinking. Do go early before the crowd streams in as there is no reservations! Go late for their DJ music and u might meet the man in the mask below;)

Lucha Loco
15 Duxton Hill (nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)
Tel: 6226-3938
Opening hours:
4 to 11pm (Tues-Thurs), 4pm to 1am (Fri), 6pm to 1am (Sat)
Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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  1. Ehh, the food doesn't look quite appetizing. Or is it just me?

    1. Hi Amasou Umasou,

      Thank you for reading the post. Haha don't worry, I definitely agree with you that the food does not look appetizing, esp the black main item and bluish dessert. I decided to give it a try after reading some reviews including ms tan hsueh yun :,and of cos not all were tasty, but there were some truly good dishes that make me go wow...Hence, I think its worth visiting once :P


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