Kazokutei Singapore: Handmade Udon and Soba

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Fans of Japanese food must be familiar to this household brand that helms from Osaka. With over 200 outlets in Japan, Kazokutei is renowned for their handmade udon and healthy cooking methods.

Unlike Japan outlets which serve 2 types of broth for the udon: Kokudashi from the East Japan (savory dried bonito broth) or the Shira Dashi from West Japan (sweet seaweed broth). However, only Kokudashi is found on the Singapore menu.
Our mini-tasting portions (above) consists of zaru udon, zaru soba and selected sushi. The udon is toothsome and springy, possibly close to original version in Japan since flour is directly imported from Japan to make the noodles. 

Prices starts from $6.90 for original kokudashi udon and $9.90 for the soba version.

Photo Courtesy of Kazokutei
If you can't choose between udon or soba, you may want to try for this Mixed Zaru Soba and Udon + Mixed Tempura Set $12.90.

Shokado Wazen Set ($16.90) Photo Courtesy of Kazokutei
I am happy to learn that Japanese-western food such as Omelette Rice and Curries, dons (rice) and nabe (hotpot) are also available on their menu. So this is a family-friendly restaurant place which can satisfy different cravings at one go.
Kazokutei is the 5th stop of the Bugis Food Trail 2013 organised by omy.sg and Bugis Junction. Click here to return to main FOOD map.

Kazokutei Bugis Junction