Patissier Hiro Yamamoto : Cakes with a Flower

俺の Bakery&Cafe Ebisu : First Bakery Concept by the Ore No Group

Hayashiya Shinbei Ginza 銀座林屋新兵衛 : Zunda Amazake Kakigori and More

Le Coin Vert by The Agnes ル・コワンヴェール : Hidden Patisserie in Kagurazaka

Gontran Cherrier Tokyo vs The Peck : Battle of the Matcha Breads

and Ecle by Olivier Rodriguez : Excellent French Cuisine at Super Affordable Prices

Andaz Tokyo Pastry Boutique : Shincha Bitter Sweets

Hattifnatt Cafe @ Kichijoji : Not your typical Kawaii Cafe