Sinchao Rice Shoppe 心潮飯店 : 台式料理 (米其林餐盤推薦) Michelin Recommended

Fried Rice with Taro and Seared Duck Breast

Seafood Shrimp Cake with Pesto

Eggplant, chilli, sesame sauce

A Michelin recommended restaurant that originated from Kaoshiung, 心潮飯店 offers classic taiwanese dishes with a modern twist. Opened in 2019, the Xinyi outlet has a vintage retro feel with its turquoise green walls and wooden tables. Their savoury dishes were unique and tasty, definitely worth a return visit. But the same thing cannot be said of their desserts. signature mung bean tiramisu sounded interesting but turned out lacklustre so skip them.

What we tried:
🌾 Smoked duck yam fried rice (smoky and aromatic). 
🌾 Moonlight prawn cake with pesto sauce and rocket leaves
🌾 清炒水蓮 (get this cos it's rare in SG)
🌾皮蛋剁椒茄子 (super appetizing cold dish with sesame sauce at the bottom)
🌾 功夫雞湯 - not in picture, it's served in a tea pot. robust and complex in taste

Highly recommended - especially if you are looking to try taiwanese cuisine with creative surprises. 

Sinchao Rice Shoppe

Mung Bean Tiramisu

Caramel Pudding