Marlowe Pudding マーロウ : Super COOL Yakuza Pudding

Probably the coolest and richest custard pudding I've ever had. 

Unlike the Pocky Men's that aimed to target the male consumer market, I think Marlowe's pudding reaches across both genders despite the stark print of a handsome Mafia/gangster icon on the beaker glass.

Unless you head to their main shop in Kanagawa, you need some luck and patience before getting your hands onto this pudding because Marlowe only appear as pop-up stalls in department fairs. The pudding is so popular that there is always a snaking queue without fail. It has even been reported that Marlowe sells up to 2000 puddings a day!
Is it so good? Yes, tasting is believing. I was quite reluctant to pay ¥700-800 for a pudding but this is truly of one a kind. (And customers get to keep the durable beakers)

Handmade with the premium ingredients such as milk from and eggs from Hokkaido, the pudding are baked instead of chilled with gelatin or cooked with cornstarch. 
Hence, this is silkier, creamier, denser yet still wobbly in the center. Okay, it's like the pot de crime as the French calls it. Lots more time and care needed to ensure it is baked to perfection without any ugly wrinkles.
Follow the instructions properly and the pudding will be un-molded perfectly onto a plate, which is a more efficient way to enjoy the eggy goodness with bittersweet caramel sauce.
Since there is no outlet in Tokyo (nearest outlet is Yokohama Sogo Department Store), good luck to finding it during the seasonal exhibition fairs in department stores.

SOGO Yokohama Department Store, B2
〒220-8510 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama-shi, Nishi-ku Takashima 2-18-1
〒220-0011 神奈川県横浜市西区高島2-18-1 そごう横浜店 地下2F洋菓子売り場
Daily 10am-8pm
Click here for other outlets in Yokohama