Ah Wing Wanton Mee @ Empress Road Market : Worth the Queue!

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9....there was at least 9 people queuing in front of me for the Wanton Mee. 

But it was not because the owner was slow in preparing the food. It was probably because almost everyone was ordering at least 3 plates or taking away a few packets of wanton Mee/Hor fun at a go. Opened in 1999, the stall is run by a husband and wife who came from Hong Kong and thus they frequently converse in Cantonese with customers unless you speak Chinese or Ang Moh to them. 

In fact, I am not surprised that their regular customers include our Ambassador-at-large of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Professor Tommy Koh. He actually listed this and the Rojak place in his ST Times interview and the Rojak recommendation was fantastic! 

So the question is: Is this worth the queue? 

A Big YES. Served in a long rectangular plate, the thin curly noodles were slightly cold (perhaps due to the exposed surface area to the air) but it was still springy with a nice bite. The soya sauce base looked deceivingly simple but it brought life to the noodles instead of the sambal chilli
Even though the slices of char siew did not have the nectar-like marinade sweetness like those from Foong Kee, they were moist, tender and more flavorful than the ones from Yap Kee or Red Wing. In fact, I prefer these as they are leaner.
Besides the generous portions of meat, the silly yet juicy wanton dumplings were excellent too. I am not sure what magic went inside the minced meat but it was perfectly seasoned and so tasty that our eyes lit up instantly. 

At the same price of $3, my makan Kaki and I agreed that this is more value for money than Foong Kee's. 
I noticed many people were ordering Ipoh Horfun and Chicken Feet Mushroom, Wanton Dumplings Soup as well. Seems like there is plenty of good stuff to try next round and I can't wait to come back soon again.
Ah Wing Wanton Mee
 Block 7 Empress Road, 01-108, Singapore 260007
 Mon-Thur 7.30am-4pm  
Sat & Sun 7.30 am to 3pm