Barcook Bakery : More than just bread

Some things turned out better when you have less expectations from them. Renowned for their ultra soft cream cheese cranberry bun, Barcook Bakery offers sliced cakes at some of its outlets but it did not come to my mind to try them until recently when I dropped by their cool and spacious OG outlet. The Classic Choc ($4.90) was sold out so we settled for the Green Tea Cheese ($5.80).

As expected, the green tea flavor was not assertive and the digestive base was soggy. However, it fared well as a cheesecake, which is rich with a nice savory tang. The white layer of honey citron cream was quite an uncommon pairing and it imparted a zesty bitterness to the cake, though the sweetness went out of control here.

Mango/Peach Danish (Custard Cream Cheese) Longan/Strawberry Danish (Chocolate custard)
I prefer the danishes which are cheap and good for the price of $2.70-2.80 each. The custard cream definitely needs to reduce its sweetness but it was neither stale nor clumpy.

These pastries tend to lose its crispness after a while but the shop minimized that by insulating the buttery layers with banana rum cake that is mashed and mixed with almonds.

What a clever trick as the pastry layers successfully preserved its crunchiness especially around the edges, while still being chewy in the middle.

But at the end of the day, what leaves me yearning for more its the superb French butter brioche toast ($3.20 for a pack of 6 slices).

Barcook Bakery 
OG outlet: 
60 Albert Street
OG Albert Complex #01-03/04, Singapore 189969
Mon to Sun: 8am to 8pm