Thursday, June 29, 2017

Materiel マテリエル  : Sugar Master in Ooyama Tokyo

To create flavors and shape from a shapeless form 

This is the concept/motto of Chef Masaaki Hayashi whose shop named "Materiel" is located in Ooyama 大山. One can say that Chef Masaaki is a sugar master because his sugar works have won several international awards and one of his publication is a book on sugar techniques. Since it is unlikely that I will ever step foot in Ooyama, I decided to give it a try when it took stage at Isetan Shinjuku's weekly rotating pop up area.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Kooriya Pissu or Peace 氷屋ぴぃす Kakigori @ Kichijoji

The Kakigori at Peace (pee-su) can really pissed customers. No, I'm serious. Imagine arriving at 12 noon sharp when the shop opens for business, only to realize in horror that there is a written waiting list on which you have to jot your name down at the next available slot which is 6.52pm.

Perhaps that's not a problem for those who live nearby but for most, you either find something to do in between or opt for the takeaway option. So we chose to takeaway which also requires 30min of queuing time.

Takeaway options are limited and not as fanciful as eat-in flavors. But they are slightly cheaper. I'm glad we didn't wait till 6.52pm because the Kakigori were extremely normal.  And there is no other components within the ice.

There could be only 2 customers seated in the 8-seat eatery but they will not allow anyone to enter earlier. Can't understand how the business here works? Me neither.

東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町1-9-9 吉祥寺じぞうビル 1F
weekdays 11am-9pm (closed on Mon)
weekends/PH 12noon-8pm

Monday, June 19, 2017

Salon Ginza Sabou : New Generation Matcha Parfait

Salon Ginza Sabou is part of the Salon adam et Rope group that focuses on Japanese traditional sweets. But it seemed like the business did not take off very well initially until the menu expanded to the Matcha parfait--the one which almost every table would order.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ginza Johan Limited 限定: Visual Sandwiches

The Ginza outlet is the only one that sells sandwiches that once used to be categorized as "visual k" sandwiches because of the colorful cross section. But with so many competitors like Potasta, King George or Wa Sandwich, they are no longer as special. For an average of 350-400 yen, I find the portion small and expensive. Better head to convenience store or just stick to their regular selection of bread. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Mont St Clair @ Jiyugaoka Tokyo

To those familiar with Japanese pastries, Mont St Clair by Tsujiguchi Hironobu needs no further introduction. This celebrity chef can be considered one of the most business savvy persons in the industry as he has ventured into many different concepts from jam specialty shops to chocolate to Wagashi. His flagship pastry shop-cafe in Jiyugaoka is ever popular amongst tourists, just like Hidemi Sugino or Sadaharu Aoki. Every item that I've tried here so far has a crunchy component but it's still not exactly impressive considering the price.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ginza Hanatare 地きんめ鯛専門 銀座はなたれ: Kinmedai Specialty Fish Restaurant

 Kinmedai aka red snapper is a deep seawater fish that is commonly harvested from the waters off Izu Peninsula, Chiba or Shikoku in Japan. And Ginza Hanatare is probably one of the few Japanese restaurants that specializes in this fish. In general, Kinmedai is grouped into 3 category and the most priced category is the "Ji-Kinmedai" due to its rich fat content.  I was lucky to drop by in end May as May-June, as well as Dec-Feb, are the two seasons when the fish is at their most tip-top "fattiest" condition.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

和Kitchen かんな: Your Neighbourhood Kakigori Shop

和キッチンかんな  (Wa Kitchen Kanna) is a popular Kakigori shop in Sangenchaya that requires at least 15-min walking from the station. It sits on the 2nd level, right above top-rated boulangerie Significant Signifie, but not too difficult to be spotted with a wooden signboard at the door. What I like is that there are many flavors to choose from and the price is reasonable. Moreover, the waiting time in the queue wasn't too long on a weekend afternoon and we could chill out with the delicious bowls in spacious tables. (Not cramped counter or table seatings)

I was pleasantly surprised by the Strawberry Caramel Custard as the roasty notes of the caramel complemented the strawberries beautifully, making this a nice departure from the conventional custard or condensed milk pairing. The caramel is cleverly enhanced with kinako powder buried within. My friend preferred the "Green Custard with C" which contained chunks of "C" aka chocolate. This was the less sweeter of the two but I wished there were some beans or chestnuts fillings inside.

東京都世田谷区下馬2-43-11 2F
11am-7pm (Kakigori service varies according to days)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

CAMELBACK sandwich & espresso: THAT Tamago Sandwich

Been there. Done that. Another one crossed off my list.
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