Sunday, November 30, 2014

Miam Miam x Horrible Bosses 2 : Win Tasty Treats & Movie Passes

In collaboration with the movie Horrible Bosses 2, Miam Miam, the French Japanese fine casual cafe kitchen, has come up with the "Miam Miam My Best Boss Meal" set meal at $22.90 (up to $28.90++) featuring its Signature Miam Miam Spaghetti alongside a drink (MM premium coffee/Earl Grey Tea) and French Salad till end of November.

There is more reason to try this other than the attractive pricing because it was fuss-free yet so tasty that it kept our spirits flagging. Each portion of raw pasta is measured to 110g and cooked exactly for 7.5minutes to achieve that perfect al dente bite. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Medz Christmas SG 2014 : Rainbow Log Cake

I never hold any good impression of rainbow cakes but I must confessed Medz's version is so far the best rainbow cake I have. And what could be a more colorful cake than the thing itself when it is dressed up with chocolate ganache to look like a Christmas log cake. 

Shaped in a rectangular form, the 1.2kg festive rainbow cake ($46.90++)distinguishes itself from the mediocre ones with the superbly moist sponge layers constituted of fine-textured particles, a far cry from those dry stale versions with big pockets.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Creme De La Creme: Kyoto Cream Puffs now in Tokyo

Located amidst the high-end commercial district of Roppongi Hills, Creme de la Creme stands out with the unique pure white-wash exterior. This takeaway-only cream puff specialty shop originates from Kyoto and this only outlet in Tokyo opened in April 2013. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Four Seasons Singapore One-Ninety Mezze Dinner Buffet

Photo courtesy of Four Seasons SG
Get ready to pack on the pounds with the newly launched Mezze Dinner buffet at One-Ninety in Orchard. This latest instalment features a main course and buffet spread of appetizers and desserts at an unbelievable price of only $58++!! Buffet sounds highly inviting but the showpiece is the main course that comprises a selection of wood-fired steaks and seafood, grilled over apple wood at more than 200 degrees Celsius in temperature. 
Some of the mains require additional charges but they are very worth the extra bucks. Take for example the Rack of Lamb from Australia that truly exemplifies the skills of Chef Owen who is a master at handling tricky cuts. The marinade is nothing fancy, but the meat is superbly succulent and tender, as if I was slicing a raw eggplant.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Narutoshi Taiyaki 鳴門鯛焼本舗 : Taiyaki the Tradtional Way

When it comes to taiyaki, I only looked out for one thing-the pastry skin. I don't expect it to be as thin and crispy like a wafer. I'm contented as long as it's not soggy and stale. The filling is always very sweet, so no point debating about the sweetness. 

Perhaps due to having too many mediocre taiyaki in the past, I was simply amazed and delighted when I found Narutoshi Taiyaki. This shop stresses on the concept of "Tennen Taiyaki" (natural taiyaki), which means that the taiyaki is made using the method of  一丁焼き (icchouyaki) .

Each taiyaki is made on individual 2-kg fish-shape heavy iron cast and slowly grilled by rotating the casts several times. Yes...2kg!! Looks simple from the outside but who would have thought it would be such a laborious affair? 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sichuan Noodles at Straits Kitchen Till 12 December

If you think that Sichuan noodles is all about spicy minced meat paste on top of dry dan-dan noodles,  then you got to try the authentic version at Chinese kitchen of halal-certified buffet restaurant Straits Kitchen. Chef Patrick Pan from Xi-an, China celebrates the culinary heritage of his roots by introducing two types of Sichuan noodles that would definitely transform the stereotypical image of Sichuan cuisine.
Dan Dan Mian aka Peddler's Noodles
Taking a subtle approach to the dan dan mian, Chef Pan whips out a soupy version that is blended with peanut paste which gives it a very pleasant aroma. Dip the spoon into the sea of the reddish broth without the wavy noodles and one will haul up a mound of dried peppercorn, sesame seeds, spring onions--all the necessary ingredients that makes this bowl particularly rich and flavour duck. Contrary to its fiery outlooks, the noodles only carries a faint fugitive heat, stimulating my craving for some chilli padi. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Morganfield's Christmas Feast 2014

This is not your Man vs Food show. 
It's the Morgansfield's Christmas Platter ($149.90++) that contains more than enough meat to probably last an individual till the next Christmas. But the good thing is that you don't have to beat the clock to finish this; neither do you have to embark on a solo meat conquest as this can be shared theoretically with 4-5 pax, or realistically speaking, even 6 or more. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Torishige 鶏繁: Probably the best Oyakodon

Sushi, ramen, Tonkatsu, many people actually eat Oyakodon when they visit Tokyo? Well, I hope more people can try the Oyakodon here since it's SUPER good. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Foodology Fresh @ The URA Centre

Just right next to Maxwell Hawker Centre is Foodology Fresh, a gourmet deli place that adds to the list of healthy eating places in this increasingly health-conscious urban landscape. Push open the door, get a tray, and start assembling your lunch from the extensive menu of soups, salads, sandwiches and even desserts. How does a sugar-free Sun dried Tomato and Mozzarella muffin sounds? 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BAKE by Kinotoya : Legendary Cheese Tarts in TOKYO

If you happen to be in the Shinjuku Area, do make a detour to BAKE by Kinotoya. This super popular Sapporo cheese tart brand has finally opened its first shop in Tokyo! I always wanted to try its cheese tarts at the Hokkaido fairs in Tokyo but they are always sold in box of 6. Now they can be bought individually at 200yen each or SGD2.15.....$2.15???? so cheap!! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Atmosphere Bistro: NEW Western Cafe by the Coast

Do you know that there is a new F&B space called Parkland Green in East Coast Park? Besides familiar shops like Starbucks or St Marc Cafe, Atmosphere Bistro, a new Western bistro by the same team behind Shin Sapporo Ramen has also recently opened its doors serving comfort food like burgers, pizzas, fries and even brunches on weekends. 
Perhaps just less than a month into their opening, the food may need more time to be fine-tuned but there are few potentially promising dishes out there. Pizza is a balancing act of getting the crust and filling right. On the Squid Ink Pizza $20.80,  the thin crust was not exactly crunchy but one need not steer clear away from it totally as the combination of squid ink base and mozarella cheese was quite delicious. If you like some additional entertainment besides the football screenings on the giant LED screen, there is the Flaming Pizza which may ignite your senses. Meanwhile, the Caesar Salad would foil the plan of eating clean and healthy as the dressing was gloppy with an unpleasant acetic taste.
The beautifully browned Baby Back Ribs ($19.80) fell short of expectations as the grilling seemed to have gone a little awry, resulting in slightly charred bits and excess liquid evaporation from the meat. Otherwise, these could have really been fall-of-the-bone tender and flavourful ribs with bursts of citrusy tangs. 
Meanwhile, the dryness and seasoning might diminish the amount of sway of this humongous Atmosphere Burger ($19.80). But at the same time, the collective power of three patties (turkey, chicken, pork) still has weight, literally and most likely to be the talk of the table. Worthy of mention was the sesame charcoal bun that was very fluffy and fragrant, enhanced by subtle truffle scents emerging from the moistened inner surface. Besides, as similar to the baby ribs platter, there are tasty side nibbles like fries and coleslaw to nurse the feelings. 
If you accidentally browse into the desserts section while placing your e-order on the iPad, don't be too excited to pick the "rainbow" cake, which is more likely to satisfy the visual voyeurism. Instead, you might want to consider the red velvet cake here ($6.80) whose deep-crimson layers were moist and not overly sweet, or the crowd-pleasing molten chocolate lava cake ($11.80).
According to the concept of "Two Atmosphere, one space", the place is designed to attract families during the day and a more adult crowd at night. Those who are not driving after drinking might be interested to hop on the beer-slushie trend for the Calpis Frozen Beer, alongside savoury bites like the Spam Fries  ($7.80) and Escargots ($10.80)Or go for the Heinekein or Erdinger white draft beers at promotional price of $30 for 3 pints. At this bistro, it is all about the "atmosphere".

Atmosphere Bistro
920 East Coast Parkway #01-25/26/27 S(449875)
Special thanks to Cynthia for hosting the dinner


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pie Face Bakery Cafe Singapore 313@Somerset

Before you start digging on the Christmas mince pie next month, you might want to get a savoury pie with uniquely cute identifying expression piped on pastry top from Sydney's meat pie purveyor Pie Face. This 11-year old micro bakery chain has more than 80 stores  all over the world. Much hype has been created prior to its opening at Somerset 313, so how do these handmade pies in Singapore fare in terms of pastry and filling? 

On the pie pastry: The puff pastry constructions here are similar to croissants, in which the dough is locked in with chilled butter and the repeatedly folded several times. Pie Face takes pride in its 48-layer pastry crust, which seems like a safe number of layers since some croissant purists suggest 32 is the perfect number while others say it's 81, 111 or even thousands.Boring numbers aside, the first batch (above) of savoury pies in uneven pale-yellowish tones had some crisp edges but revealed signs of under baking  through the somewhat stale, sinewy sub-layers; an issue that is especially pertinent in the mini pies which should not be mistaken as a result of sitting out for too long. The second batch fared much better; golden-brown brittle upper crust that has the potential to be flakier.
On the other hand, the sweet short crust pastry found in the dessert pies/tarts, turned out to be not their forte. Pliable and slightly cakey, the shell was at the mercy of the voluminous amount of mousse.
(top clockwise) creamy veg, steak and peppercorn, chilli chicken and corn, chunky steak
On the filling: Of all the 8 savoury flavours we've tried, the winning flavour has got to be Chicken & Mushroom; tender chunks of chicken, slippery pieces of mushroom, bound together in a thick, creamy and cheesy-tasting sauce.  Some rosemary and garlic could have spice the gravy up in the Chunky Steak Pie, whose chunky leaned beef, though cooked for a long time, require more chewing to break down than we liked.

The Thai Curry Chicken and Tandoori Vegetarian might pique the curiosity of Asian palates, though the latter was tad sweet. Vegetarian can consider the Mini Creamy Vegetable, a meatless version of the Chicken & Mushroom sweetened with carrots and peas. The Peppercorn series (chicken/steak) are also worth a whirl as the cracked peppercorns pounded into the sauce gave the pies a nice zing. 
On the sweets: The colourful mousse tarts in 8 different flavours (pecan pie/ green tea/ butterscotch/ coffee/ chocolate/lemon/apple crumble/raspberry--$3.30 each) delivered phenomenally smooth texture. However, the sweetness in every single piece, even the supposedly tart lemon tart, left me weak in my knees. Perhaps the folks had good intention to stand by the original recipe that was more suited to Westerners' palates. But I could no longer administer my courage to fight the sweet battle and gladly surrendered my fork

If you are really desperate for desserts, I'd suggest you go for the almond stick, which was more enjoyable after giving it a toast to activate the pastry molecules for that desired crunch and softened nutty filling. Alternatively, try the crumbly muesli cookie that goes wild on nuts and dried fruits. 
Beyond the pies and tarts, I was lucky to catch this Cheese Sausage Roll $3.80 not long after it came out from the in-house kitchen. This deserves mention as the butter-scented pastry tissues crackles at every bite; definitely a pleasure to pluck apart. 
The Cheese stick is unequivocally successful too. When pieces are torn off, the elastic interior remains fused to the crunchy outer layers; a sign of a transcendently good pastry redolent with cheese. 
Pulling back to the story of the modest pies which cost $4.90 for regular ones and $3 for mini ones, they are considerably value-for-money and fill you up easily. Stick to the savoury pies and you'll most likely be smiling like the smiley face on the pies.
Pie Face Bakery Café Singapore
313 Somerset B3-10 Singapore 238935
10am-10pm daily
(Opening soon) Bugis Village
249 Victoria St Singapore 188034
10am-10pm daily

Special thanks to Natasha for the invite

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Restaurant Home 家 @ Rail Mall : BBQ Peking Duck with Lychee Wood

我是个电视迷。最爱看的不是韩剧活偶像剧,而是美食旅游有关的综艺节目。第一次看陈永华师傅是在多年前八频道的某某节目、觉得陈师傅是一个敬业乐业,对烹饪非常讲究的人。这次终于有机会来到师傅独自创立的餐馆 “家” ,内心充满期待与兴奋。

开场菜是师傅的精选菜肴 荔枝北京烤鸭” (半只/$38 整只/$68 ) 如果您未尝到荔枝的味道可别以为它有失水准。其实,这道菜并非以荔枝作为原材料,而是以荔枝木经过75分钟精心烘烤而成。所谓的“烤鸭三吃”,从色泽金黄油亮的外皮蘸着粉红色的酸梅糖开始吃起。第二吃蘸甜面酱,加葱白、黄瓜条,用烙饼皮卷着吃。鸭肉鲜嫩,肥而不腻,且还透着股荔枝木的清香。

 第三吃 (另加$10)可用剩下的鸭骨鸭肉熬成汤,或是选择姜葱爆炒或是过油与椒盐翻炒成香味四溢的桥底避风堂鸭件”。鸭肉即使经过油炸外焦内嫩,蒜香扑鼻。

师傅也发挥巧思,用传统的乌巴叶焖煮龙虾 ($12.50/100g)为一般属于高级料理的龙虾增添一份朴实的古早味。黄面吸饱了龙虾的甜活味,口感顺滑,整体感丰富,谁也不抢谁的风头。

另外一道非常值得推荐的菜肴便是珊瑚琵琶豆腐($36)为了带出多层次的口感,师傅坚信以手工的方式亲自制作琵琶豆腐。豆腐与虾肉和马蹄混合、经过油炸之后淋上浓郁的蟹肉蟹黄酱,犹如披上靓丽的金袍。酱皇炒田园($18) 采用自家XO酱翻炒芦笋和花椰菜,香味实在是让人无法抗拒,蔬菜的熟度也拿捏得恰到好处,味道不会过分油腻。 
这里周一至周五中午时分 (12pm-3pm) 也推出三道式午餐套餐。先是来碗老火煲汤暖胃。主食则可以从8头网鲍拉面 ($26)、干捞荔枝木烤鸭黄面($24) 或是干捞烧肉黄面 ($24)。


整体上与一般的中餐酒楼相比,“家”的料理没有过分的依赖调味料或是做任何复杂的设计,犹如回到家吃饭的感觉,健康也多了分亲切感。想要一尝陈永华师傅的手艺除了到这家餐厅之外,也可以在11月22日到新达城的终极小贩美食慈善日 (Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014) 品尝师傅的招牌荔枝鸭饭。
Restaurant Home 家 @ Rail Mall
The Rail Mall No. 392
Upper Bukit Timah Road Singapore 678046/7
Tel: 6465 1698
午餐营业时间: 12pm to 3pm
晚餐营业时间:  6pm to 11pm 
感谢 Hence 和“家”的美食特邀
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