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An avid foodie with a passion for sharing good food in Singapore and Japan. A self-confessed dessert lover for all things sweet and will travel for food. Used to do freelance writing for local magazines in Singapore and Tokyo. The Japan column was started to track all the good food places mainly in Tokyo during my stay there. It will be expanded to cover other regions of Japan.  

I started this blog in May 2011 and named it "dairy & cream" as dairy products are the fundamental ingredients of pastries and desserts. These are my source of happiness so I hope more people can discover the source of happiness in food and share it around.

dairy & cream receives an average readership of 50,000 per month and has been featured on other media including, variety show "JUS" on Suria channel, Omy.SG youth zone and food columns of myPaper (Chinese). 

For any media reviews or enquiries, please contact me at dairyandcream@gmail.com.

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The writer receives no monetary gains from all media invitations and the opinions are subjected to the discretion.

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  1. So happy to stumble upon your blog! especially since i LOVE Japan! You are so lucky to be living in Japan!!! envy!!

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. I love Japan too but I always tell people that there is a difference between living/working and travelling here. I would prefer to stay in Sg while travel in Japan ( I envy those who can do that) Of course food is probably the best part but can't possibly indulge in food everyday haha :P

    2. Hehehe really stil envy though! but i know what you mean... I lived in HK for a while and everyone was like wow, nice place. but HK is really different when you are living there as opposed to doing touristy stuff. Nonetheless envy! Plus I wish I can improve my Japanese too, so living there will make that easier. oh well :P Anyway I will be meeting some Japanese friends in Nov in Tokyo hahah to cook , will have to suss out your blog to see where I should go get food! If you come back to Singapore, maybe we can meet one day! :)

    3. Ah I see...I want to visit HK too! Great to know that you are coming to Tokyo in Nov but I'll most probably be back in SG by then. But definitely hope to meet u one day in SG. Btw, you might not know but I'm actually follow your blog! Really impressed with all the creative bentos although I'm too lazy to make them myself :P Let's stay in touch :D


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