Monday, February 27, 2017

Revolution Coffee : Very Disappointing Mod-Sin Food

Sorely disappointed. 

That's unfortunately our feelings as we left this cafe. Having seen the ravings about the excellent food by Chef Shen Tan here, I brought my family excitedly here to check out the food on a Sunday afternoon. I've already had a list of food in my mind that I wanted you try; Buah Keluak Pasta, Bah Chor Mee Pasta, Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang, Grilled Laksa Salad. 

The Beef Rendang was sold out and so was the Chicken Rendang. As such, we had the Nasi Lemak with Crispy Chicken Wing Set ($4.90) and added Crispy Pork Belly for $5. The serving of Ikan Bilis was so small to begin with (less than 5), not to mention the scanty amount of sambal chilli and chincalok that were placed on the cucumber. Quantity aside, the quality failed to measure up either. Sambal chilli is the thing that makes a nasi lemak come to life but the sambal was dry, lumpy and offered no spicy kick at all. Just flat and salty. The server was kind to give extra sambal but it didn't lift the dish any further. Better without. 

It took us a while to recognize that the pile of black meat on the side was the crispy fried boneless chicken thigh because it was juiceless and souless. We initially thought that the server had served the wrong type of meat but yet, that was chicken. The only saving grace on the plate was probably the fluffy coconut rice. 

The slices of Crispy Pork Belly were none of those Sio Bak that we are familiar with as they appeared to be a pork neck cut. I like the slightly sweet coating that tasted like char siew but it was too firm and tough to chow. Where had the magic of the famous pork belly gone to? 

We can't pick which pastas we prefer more as both were equally bad. Both were super dry and terribly under-seasoned. For the Bak Chor Mee, there was no taste of vinegar at all and the slices of pork were tough. It was quite shocking to see that Bak Chor Mee could evolve into such a miserable state. 
Meanwhile, we desperately tried to find some hope in Buah Keluak Pasta but to no avail. It was also as dry as the Sahara dessert and the umami of the black but, if any, failed to bind with the pasta. A huge irony because Buah Keluak is supposedly very strong in flavor. It was arduously difficult to finish the plate but for the sake of $19.90, we did not bear to waste. 

The Grilled Laksa Salad ($9.90) wasn't bad but there is nothing to shout about as the laksa flavour was weak. Some people have said that this hidden place in the West is worth travelling all the way for. But I really beg to differ. I wished I hadn't drag my family all the way here, only to sit on empty promises after realizing the poor food quality here. Learnt later that Chef was away...but this doesn't serve as an excuse for bad food.  

I had planned to order desserts after the meal but decided not to. If I want my pulut Hitam or chendol, I better head to elsewhere.

Pork belly? or pork neck?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hoshino Coffee : NEW Brunch Menu and Seasonal Strawberry Pancakes!

Hand-drip coffee chain Hoshino Coffee has launched a new brunch menu that pairs its signature Souffle Pancakes and Omu souffle with familiar breakfast proteins such as angus steak, bacon sausages and salmon. There is a total of 6 different sets. If you aren't such a fussy meat eater, the Angus Steak Set ($19.80) offers decent quality meat without bursting your wallet.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kyoto:Japan's No.1 Bread Consuming City and 5 Bakeries To Check Out 非抹茶而是面包!日本全国面包消费量第一、京都热门面包店。

Many people recognize Kyoto as a city in Japan that is not only famous for temples and shrines but also matcha. However, do you know that Kyoto is the top bread consuming city in the entire Japan?

Here are 5 popular and some new bakery spots which you may like to check out: 
Shinshindo 進々堂
A Kyoto-originated bakery with more than 100 years of history since 1913. Read here for more. Various outlets all over Kyoto 

Oike outlet:
Kyoto, Nagakyo-ku, Oike-dori, Yanagi Baba, Higashi-iri
Daily 7.30am-8pm 
For details, visit :

ORENO PAN okumura
This French-Kyoto bakery is not affiliated to the Oreno Group and famous for its 宇治の散歩, a green tea melon pan. Some of its bread are inspired by Kyoto ingredients like tsukemono (pickles) 

Kyoto Station Outlet:
〒600-8215 京都市下京区東塩小路釜殿町31-1 京都駅近鉄名店街みやこみち内

Le Petit Mec ル・プチメック
The No. 1 bakery ranked on tabelog. Famous for its French baguettes and croissants. Read more here about its cafe outlet in Shinjuku 

Oike Outlet
住所:京都府京都市中京区御池衣棚通上ル下妙覚寺町186番地 ビスカリア光樹1F

Flip up! フリップアップ
Flip some bagels and bread onto your tray in this hidden bakery located in the quiet residential area. Unlike those American bagels, these boast a nice mochi-like chewy texture and not too dry at all. The best seller is the Chocolate Bagel but lookout for interesting flavors like Black Bean Kinako and White Figs. 

7:00~18:00 (or till sold out)
Closed on Sun and Mon

Patisserie Boulangerie Tatsuhito Satoi
My favourite patisserie and boulangerie! Read here to find out why. Located near university.

京都市左京区北白川追分町2 Eフラット北白川1F
Tel: 075-285-1171
Closed on Wed 
京阪電車出町柳駅下車 徒歩約15分
市バス百万遍バス停 徒歩約5分âtisserie-TATSUHITO-SATOI-978434895584033/

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Noodle Story @ Amoy : Must Try Singapore-style Ramen

Let me tell you a story. A story about a bowl of delicious noodles that has rewritten Singapore's hawker history. 

This is no longer a closely held secret. I am sure many people have tried this Singapore-style ramen and raved about it. But I would still like to chronicle it on my humble site because it is worthy of the price, the calories, the long queuing time and the Michelin Bib Gourmand recognition (or even more than that)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Botanico @ The Garage: New F&B Concept at The Botanic Gardens Serves Excellent Food

After the successful establishment of the Summerhouse at Seletar, 1-Group, the lifestyle F&B Group operating several award-winning restaurants such as UNA and 1-Rochester, redefines botanical adventures once again at The Garage. 

Converted from a 1920s Art Deco Conservation building, the 2-storey house offers 2 different F&B concepts; Bee Knees and The Botanico. The latter which I visited, is situated on an open-plan rectangular space at the 2nd level, with an outdoor terrace sheltered under the lush green canopy. There's a hidden garden bar in the outdoor area for guests to chill out with cocktails such as Blackberry Mojito and Garage Gin'onic

Thursday, February 16, 2017

IZY Dining & Bar @ Club Street : Relaunch of Japanese-American Fusion Menu

 Over-the-top sushi piled with all sort of luxurious ingredients can be found in several  izakayas in Tokyo and Izy Japanese Dining is probably the first place in Singapore which serves this. Opened since 2013,  this pop culture urban izakaya has recently revamped its menu featuring new items with a focus on sushi rolls.

Piled with heaps of fresh uni, Ikura, crab meat and negitoro, the Nokke Roll ($32) is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the belly. The ingredients are surely fresh but I'm not so sure it is worth the value as I've had an almost exact same replica at half the price back in Tokyo.

One issue was the rice. It was rather dry and the grains did not bind well. The same issue arose in the Izy Roll ($16), a tempura shrimp and asparagus roll with spicy crab mayo and avocado spread on top. While Izy has a leaning towards Japanese-American fare such as these kind of mayo sushi, one can still find classic sushi on the menu.

Nonetheless, the game is not lost. The Wagyu Don with Fresh Truffle Slices ($40) was an excellent rice bowl. The Josper grilled beef was well-marinated and juicy, bonding cohesively with the rice thanks to the Onsen egg buried within. The presence of truffles is definitely welcomed here as its aroma enhanced the sweetness of the beef.

I had always thought Gyu Katsu $30 would be thick and chewy, but not the case here. The beef was sliced so finely, cooked to a beautiful pink with only a thin layer of fried batter around it to qualify this as a katsu. It comes with three different types of sauce but I think the best way to enjoy it is just simply with a dabble of salt.

For some sharing dishes, get the Grilled Swordfish or the Nanban Chicken (ala carte $9/$20 as lunch set). The fish was fresh and the the unique combination of parmesan and seaweed in the sauce gave it a delicious twist to the usual grilled fish we have in Japanese restaurants. The Naban Chicken were simply juicy and tender, doused generously in the tasty tartar sauce. Both dishes are my favourites that night too.

Interestingly, they also served Bayan Cauda ($15), a very common dish in Japan, especially Italian trattorias, but rarely found here. It's a classic Piedmont vegetable fondue made with onion, garlic and anchovy but here white miso is incorporated, giving it an extra intense umami boost. Located in Club Street, I can understand why this place is popular with after-work crowd and business expats looking for a nice place to chill out after work.

IZY Dining & Bar
27 Club Street, Singapore 069413
Reservations: 9678 0027
Mon to Fri 12pm to 2pm;
Mon to Sat 6pm to 10.30pm

This is an invited tasting

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tong Garden Singapore : 4 Things that You May Not Know It Sells

When we think of Tong Garden, the first thing that comes to our mind is nuts. What started as a humble peanut business of one man, Mr. Ong Tong Guan, on his bicycle back in the 1930s has grew to become a familiar household brand for nuts and other healthy snacks. 

But do you know that Tong Garden offers more than just nuts? Here are 4 delicious snacks that you may not know it sells.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bistro Marx by Thierry Marx : Probably the Most Expensive French Toast in Japan

Tokyo isn't short of Michelin-star restaurants and it isn't surprise to find overseas Michelin-star chefs venturing into the local market. One good example is Bistro Marx by chef-owner Thierry Marx of 2-star Sur Mesure in Paris. For the price and the location in glitzy Ginza, Bistro Marx is more like a upscale fine-dining restaurant than anything else. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Open Farm Community @ Dempsey Hill : NEW Farm-to-Table Menu

Crispy Jurong frog legs, root vegetables & lemak inspired curry, garden curry leaves – $26

Farm-to-table cuisine seems to be the trend these days with more restaurants championing the use of local produce in the dishes. After Wildseed Cafe, I had the opportunity to visit Open Farm Community, a dining concept by Spa Esprit Group that celebrates eating local with familiar flavors and ingredients close to home. In fact, the cuisine was nothing short of bold, delicious flavors and I was impressed by how local produce can be so versatile.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Umezono Chabo うめぞの茶房: Traditional Wagashi Reinvented in Kyoto 京都最新甜点茶房,吃出不一样的和菓子

Umezono Chabo is the latest concept by Umezono which also owns Umezono Cafe & Gallery that seeks to inject a new lease of life into yokan (bean paste jelly). It's one of the traditional Wagashi which I avoid at all costs because it tends to be too sweet and cloying. It's not even a jelly to me because it's so firm, just like eating a block of bean paste shaped in typically a square or rectangle.
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