Tong Garden Singapore : 4 Things that You May Not Know It Sells

When we think of Tong Garden, the first thing that comes to our mind is nuts. What started as a humble peanut business of one man, Mr. Ong Tong Guan, on his bicycle back in the 1930s has grew to become a familiar household brand for nuts and other healthy snacks. 

But do you know that Tong Garden offers more than just nuts? Here are 4 delicious snacks that you may not know it sells.

1) Nutrione Cereal Drink.

Great for people who are lactose-intolerant. The flavors include Pumpkin Soy, Black Sesame, 25 grains, Almond. I love the Pumpkin Soy as it is not too sweet and very aromatic. Each satchet contains flax seeds. All are cholesterol free without any added preservatives and coloring. 

2) Seaweed
This is produced by Noi, a brand under Tong Garden. I personally loved seaweed a lot and this provides a more substantial crunch than usual thin-flaky Korean seaweed. Sandwiched in between the seaweeds are almond slices. Available also in almond slices hot and spicy flavor, popping grains original and pumpkin seed original

3) Dried Fruits and Nut Series (Mini snack packs) 

Instead of munching on potato chips, pick up these dried fruits and nuts instead as they contain more nutrients and work great as a substitute for candy/chocolates. The mini snack packs come in handy especially when one is on-the-go.

4) Premium Nuts:
Instead of the usual salted peanuts or wasabi peas, why not try these Almond with Dried Cranberries or Coconut coated Almonds for a change?

All these are available at all major supermarkets and online grocery shops.
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