King of Fried Rice vs. Chef Wang Fried Rice : Din Tai Fung style Pork Cutlet Egg Fried Rice

Went all the way to Khatib for Chef Kin HK Wonton Noodle, only to discover a horrendous long queue with almost 30 people at 4:30pm Saturday afternoon. 

Being busy people and baby at home with no time to waste , we straight away went to Wisteria Mall which was right opposite the block.

As we searched for potential dinner option, we chanced upon King of Fried Rice, a familiar name which we have heard positive reviews before. 

King Of Fried Rice is known to have their Din Tai Fung style pork cutlet fried rice, the owner started out at Golden Mile Tower in 2019 and has expanded to various outlets across Singapore.

We ordered their signature Pork Cutlet Egg Fried Rice ($6.90, which is slightly pricier than the $6.50 at the first outlet) which arrived glistening in shine. Overall, the taste was comparable to Din Tai Fung ($10.80++) even though the short-grain rice wasn't 粒粒分明. The freshly fried pork cutlet was slightly salty but I guessed the bold seasoning and the heavy grease are reasons that make it a crowd-pleasing dish. Do expect longer waiting time during peak hour. We waited ours for 20 mins after the order at around 5:30pm.

Besides Din Tai Fung, the franchise of King of Fried Rice also reminds of Wok Hey found in various malls. However, for Wok Hey whose fried rice is more expensive, the standard of the fried rice is not consistent. 

With the rapid expansion of King of Fried Rice, do not be surprise if it opens an outlet in your hood next time~

King of Fried Rice - Wisteria Mall
598 Yishun Ring Rd, #B1-03 Wisteria Mall, Singapore 768698

Chef Wang Fried Rice, a stall opened by an ex-Shangri-La & Din Tai Fung chef at Beo Crescent Hawker Centre in 2021, The concept is similar and it also sells Pork Rib Fried Rice at S$6.50. The pork is neatly sliced and less salty, though the grains tend to be more clumpy. I personally would prefer King of Fried Rice given the long waiting time .

Chef Wang Fried Rice
38A Beo Cres, #01-71 Market, Singapore 169982

 So many Din Tai Fung style fried rice these days, which one do you prefer?


  1. I also like King of Fried Rice more ��


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