Char Restaurants: Food that is losing its charm

Decided to order food from Char for a Sunday dinner with the family as this has been on my to-try list for quite some time. It’s renowned for its char siu and roast meats. With the many positive reviews in the past, I had high expectations for the food.

Unfortunately, the overall experience was lackluster with more misses than hits. The pumpkin and eggplant strips $10.30 was a deep fried dish tossed in floss. Food that has pork/chicken floss hardly goes wrong but we found many empty fried batter shells without any pumpkin/eggplant. The XO Sambal carrot cake ($11.20) was mushy and wet but the garlic toast spring chicken ($13.80) fared even worst. It was extremely dry without any garlic aroma or flavor. The meat was stale and bland except if you dip it into the plum salt condiment. Looks more like plum salt chicken if you ask me.
The only two passable dishes were the stir fry beef hor fun and the double roast $39 (char siu and roast meat). The char siu was nicely caramelized without being too sweet. The meat was also tender with just the right amount of fats. The roasted meat wasn’t very crispy but at least it was not overly salty like most elsewhere.
Given the standards of the food, it is unlikely that we will dine-in at the restaurant in future.
Char Restaurants