CHEESE in The BAUM : Latest Cheese Sweet in Japan

Christmas Elegance at Antoinette : Savoury Hivernette Cake and a Red Christmas Tree

Alter Ego @ Esplanade : Eat Clean and Indulge Dirty

Patisserie Rakkansha 洛甘舎 @ Kyoto: Excellent Shoyu Cake & 和風 Japanese Sweets

Hashidaya はし田屋: Value-for-money Oyakodon in Shibuya

Grain Bread & Brew : Hidden New Cafe with Amazing French Toasts

JS Pancake Cafe : A Taste of Autumn Matcha

Birds of a Feather @ Amoy Street : Creative Contemporary Sichuan Cusine

An-Cheese Tarts by Tsujiguchi Hironobu @ Tokyo Station

Ninja Cut @ Seah Street : Scrumptious Protein Bowls with Cheeky Brunch

Far East Bazaar : Hidden Matcha Arabian Gelato that beats the "World's Best Matcha Ice Cream"

Tatsuhito Satoi : The Next Pastry Star in Kyoto

Suzette @ Esplanade : Picnic by the Bays

OHAYO Biscuit オハヨー ビスケット : Quaint Kyoto Cafe selling Traditional French Sweets