Grain Bread & Brew : Hidden New Cafe with Amazing French Toasts

I didn't plan to have so many French Toasts during my recent trip but I guessed these experiences help me identify the good from the mediocre ones. And I found my favourite here.

Located within an approximate 15-min walk from Shibuya station, Grain Bread & Brew is a young café that has opened barely for a few months since July this year. The open kitchen is just next to the coffee making area and you get to see everything freshly prepared upon order.

The café is run by a small team but the food and service are no less humble than a full-fledged restaurant. I first noticed this potentially good spot when I saw the egg sandwich featured in social media. In fact, the concept revolves around delicious sandwiches around the world. Think burgers, ciabattas or pitas with a Japanese influence to it.

Unlike most tamago sandwiches that are prepared with mayo, the "Omukatsu Sando with Horseradish Sauce" (¥918) embarked on a manly approach by smothering a brown Demi-glacé sauce on lightly toasted shokupan before sandwiching with scrambled eggs in the form of tamagoyaki. Imagine pork katsu and omelette compressed into one but without the deep-fried calories. The robust sauce set this apart from the ordinary sandwich and the ratio of eggs to bread was perfect.

But the real star here is the Creme Brulee French Toast. For just ¥850, you get a beautiful golden pud with a dark, Caramelized glaze that is still settling down from the blast of the kitchen torch. It's crispy and bittersweet on top, super custardy and creamy in the center, capped of with the amber kiss of honey.

There's barely any bread besides the thin layer at the base so it won't be burdensome on the belly. The toast itself wasn't sweet at all but you could still derive sugar satisfaction from the nuts-coated vanilla ice cream and sautéed apples. So uproariously good that this dish alone is worth seeking out and should be on the hall of fame for Best French Toasts in Tokyo.

In fact, it was the Matcha French Toast which made me return for the Creme Brulee French Toast. It might lack a crispy exterior but the intensely deep matcha flavour snuggled in the rich-of-the-moment toast made up for everything. 

You wonder why they went the extra mile to serve it with red beans, candied nuts and ice cream. But this is what made it so special from the run-on-the-mill cafes. Washed it down with a matcha latte and you will keep smiling for the rest of the day.

On the menu with scrumptious bites like a karaage chicken mayo burger and a monster bacon ciabatta sandwich. If you are a cafe-hopper who believes in quality food, it'll be a shame to miss this from your list.

Grain Bread & Brew

11am-9pm Tues to Fri

8am-9pm Sat / 8am-7pm Sun
Closed on Mondays