OHAYO Biscuit オハヨー ビスケット : Quaint Kyoto Cafe selling Traditional French Sweets

Ohayo Gozaimasu!

What a rare find to chance upon a cafe owned by two ladies that bakes their own countryside French sweets! Pies, tarts, poundcakes, animal cookies...these old-fashioned rustic treats are arranged in front of the kitchen without any flamboyance to speak. It's simple, minimalist, just like any Japanese kitchen. 

There's only a counter table that sits 3 customers at the same time so it won't be such a nice thing to hoard the seat for too long if there are customers around. While I love those sophisticated entremets from posh cake boutiques, I also adore these humble, down-to-earth pastries that bring a sense of warmth to my heart. I had the popular Carrot Cake in the shape of a peculiar cylinder frosted unevenly with cream cheese.  

It probably did not look as attractive as those classic carrot cakes and it was a nightmare for me to find no more cream cheese inside the cake! Look how much a habitual animal of cream I've become!

But the cake itself was actually not too bad. It must have been the least sweetest carrot cake I've ever eaten in my life and the blend of spiced cinnamon was subtle at best. Some people might complain that it's too bland but the more I taste, the more I got accustomed to the simplicity. It was the perfect sweetness for me. The cake was tender but could be less dry and crumbly. 

I guess the baking philosophy here was "less is more" but I still wish there was more cream cheese. Since its named "Ohayo Biscuit", I couldn't leave without the signature Raisin Sandwich, a chunky block of sable cookies prised with buttercream and raisins. It looked like a tasty jigsaw puzzle to me but the sheer thickness made it less crispy than the superior ones from Hokkaido and quite difficult to chew as well. 

If they could serve a complimentary glass of hot milk or chocolate with the cookies, it will be perfect for dunking.

Ohayo Biscuit
〒602-0923 京都府京都市上京区中立売油小路東入油橋詰 96-2
11am-6pm daily (closed on Mon, Tues)