Ninja Cut @ Seah Street : Scrumptious Protein Bowls with Cheeky Brunch

 You don't need to be a Ninja to make the cut here. Neither would you face a Ninja who cuts up your steak. Ninja cut is the latest venture by The Astronaut Groups who run Chillax Cafe, Ninja Bowl and the now defunct Babette.

The food is similar to the popular protein grain bowls these days but things here move faster like a Ninja because you don't have to pick and match the ingredients of your food like Grain Traders or Subway. Order from ten carb-free, protein-based mains and add-ons such as signature Ninja rice, sushi rice, brown rice with seaweed flakes, soba or greens are available at $2 each.

Out of the 4 mains I've tried, my pick would be the Oh My Cod! ($18) because the baked miso cod fish was full of umami from the use of saikyo shiromiso and sake marinade. In fact, the flavors were less prominent in the fish than the dressing itself, which helped to pull other ingredients such as honey-glazed carrots, edamame and pickled beetroot into the big picture.

But that's not the only thing Ninja Cut offers. From the list of all-day brunch items, the Polenta Mash ($18) was my favourite dish all thanks to the truffle polenta mash which was cheesy to my liking but yet not overpowering. So good that I think it stole the limelight from the Aburi chashu, which was fork-tender but could probably afford a touch of caramelized glaze to reinforce its presence in the dish.

Meanwhile, there's the Cheeky Cheese ($18) was a dish that's born to please the tastebuds with the pairing of grilled cheese in sweet brioche. The 24-hour Braised beef cheek was meltingly soft and delicious but I'm contented with the cheese sandwich alone. 

The only sweet option, Marvellous Matcha ($16), would highly satisfy visual appetites with its flowy deep-colored matcha lava. It was slightly too sweet for me but the taste of green tea was evident. This wasn't as marvellous as its predecessor, a Matcha lava cake, at Babette but probably makes the cut as one of the better matcha desserts in town.

32 Seah Street S188388
9.30am-7.30pm (Weekdays) 9am-6pm (Weekends)
*All prices are NETT without service charge