JS Pancake Cafe : A Taste of Autumn Matcha

I've finally got a reason to try JS Pancake Cafe because it has launched a Matcha fair from now to 21st November. Since it's a pancake cafe, I think most people would instantly opt for the Matcha & Black Soybean Pancakes--3 stacks of beautifully green pancakes of perfect ratio. This definitely looked very promising but the pancake wasn't over-the-top delicious. It's pretty tender but still not as pillowy as Umezono's hotcakes in Kyoto. The gelato is icy and there's simply too little of the green matcha sauce to go around the pancakes which turned dry after a while. 

Well, pictures of the food always tend to look better than they taste in Japan (Most of the times you can't find any official photos from places that serves good food) So this happens to be another example. Plus with the marketing strategy of selling this as a limited-time item, there will be consumers who take the bite, like me.
JS Pancake Café
Outlets nationwide
Details: http://pancake.journal-standard.jp