Far East Bazaar : Hidden Matcha Arabian Gelato that beats the "World's Best Matcha Ice Cream"

I've been hesitating whether to write this because it is SO GOOD that I wanted to keep this a secret. But I've decided to pen it down as this place exudes such a unique charm not found in other ice cream parlor. In fact, Far East Bazaar didn't start off as a shop that sells gelato. It's a company that focuses on organic dried nuts, fruits, spices, herbs and salt--practically everything that reminds you of a 18th century Middle East trader who sells his goods on the Silk Road

Anyway, what blew me away was the line-up Arabian Gelato that I spotted at its Shibuya Hikarie Outlet. I was expecting it to taste like the sticky, elastic Turkish ice cream but it didn't turn out that way. In fact, the texture Arabian Gelato doesn't differ too much from an average gelato in Tokyo.
Every order of ¥500 comes with 3 choices. I had the signature Hanamitsu (coconut flower honey) which had a really pleasant floral sweetness, Dates as well as Rikyu. The latter is the one that shook my senses with its unapologetic bitterness and took me seconds before I recover to realize that THIS is the one that I've been searching for. THIS has snatched the "the World's Best Matcha Gelato" title, in my opinion, from Suzuki En @ Asakusa  . Never did I expect to find it in a place that sells dry goods, if I were to put it in blunt terms.

The opulence of this gelato is way beyond sheer imagination......but not everyone will enjoy it for sure. So be mentally prepared that this is NOT the cup for you (but YES for me since there were the other two sweet flavors to provide a nice balance) The matcha gelato here could possibly be way beyond human threshold as even the ice cream lady warned me for the intensity before I took it.

I walked out of the shop as the last customer, smiling with a cup of sweet and bitter gelato in victory mood.

Far East Bazaar
+Shibuya Hikarie 
〒150-8509 Shibuya ku, Shibuya 2-21-1
Shibuya HIkarie, ShinQa B2