CHEESE in The BAUM : Latest Cheese Sweet in Japan

Cheese Tarts?'s THE BAUM. Not my bum or your bum. 

It's Cheese in the Baum. Think cheese baked in a Baumkuchen. This innovative sweet was created by a company in Yokohama and now retailed at The BAUM cafes in outlet malls found in Okayama, Fukuoka and Sendai. None in Tokyo or overseas....yet.  

I was lucky to walk pass a pop-up stall at Korakuen station and how could I just walk away after seeing this poster???

3 ways of enjoying The BAUM : Room Temp aka Today, Cool or Cold
I like the ultra cool black packaging box that fits 6 but you can still buy 3 and pay 84 yen for the box. Still worth it than buying 6 if you do your math. Be mentally prepared as the cake was sweeter than an average Baumkuchen, like a honey Castella but chewier. 

There are 3 ways of enjoying the BAUM as stated on the picture above. As I had it the day after, I couldn't detect the crunchiness on the sugary outer layer as described. The cheese core is as dense as a baked cheesecake. 
But this doesn't mean that it isn't delicious. In fact, I enjoyed them especially after leaving them to sit at room temperature. Just like human beings, not every cheese sweets is identical so don't expect them to be as custardy or flowy like a Pablo cheese tart. 

I certainly won't want to have a world full of cheese tarts. 

Life would just be too boring that way. 

The BAUM Cafes
Okayama Shop:
岡山県倉敷市寿町 12-3

Okayama-ken, Kurashiki-shi, Kotobukicho 12-3 
Inside Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki 
10am-8pm daily

Fukuoka Shop
マリナサイド棟 1F

Marinoacity 1F
Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Nishiku Oto 2-12-30
10am-9pm daily

Sendai Shop
宮城県仙台市泉区泉中央1-6 セルバテラス
Miyazaki-ken, Sendai shi, Izumi chuo 1-6
SELVA Terrace (newly opened 11th Nov 2016!)

For latest info or details of pop-ups stalls: