Hashidaya はし田屋: Value-for-money Oyakodon in Shibuya

Hashidaya's oyakodon has been on my list for the longest while. As one of the famous names in town when it comes to yakitori and Oyakodon, Hashidaya has three outlets (Nakameguro, Roppongi and Sapporo) besides its main shop in Shibuya.

Its Oyakodon is available during lunch and dinner but it would only make logical sense to visit during lunch simply because you pay less than half the price for the same dish minus the appetizers. 
It isn't any veritable shrine like Tamahide where people queue up way in advance to pay their pilgrimage. Nonetheless, the place still oozes old-school elegance, feeding the hungry working crowd in the vicinity with hearty meals. The chicken belongs to the Asabiki local breed from Chiba prefecture while the eggs are sourced from Iwai City, Ibaraki prefecture. Asabiki 朝引き refers to the chickens that are slaughtered in the morning of the day when the meat is consumed. In other words, its commonly used to emphasize fresh quality. 

For 850 yen, the bowl came with generous chunks of tender chicken, draped in a just-set egg with a golden orange egg yolk atop steaming white rice. The egg wasn't too sweet and there's not much fault to pick in this bowl except that it tasted quite under-seasoned for an average donburi. But with the three types of shichimi (especially black one) sitting at the side, we gobbled up the rice in no time. 
As good as the Oyakodon may be, it's the formidable "Nanban chicken"  (800 yen) that stole the show. This is so special because the chicken was deep-fried in a very light and crispy egg batter which permeated the meat with egg fragrance. 

Smothered in creamy yet chunky egg mayonaise, this simple dish is a triumph--and I was tempted to ask for seconds of that mayo. 

Lunch menu is only limited to 3 choices so do come at night for the ala carte menu if you are looking to feast. But with decent food at highly affordable prices, I can see why Hashidaya's tori-ryori has been doing a roaring trade. 

Hashidaya はし田屋
Shibuya outlet
Lunch Hours: 11:30am – 3pm
Dinner Hours: 6pm – Midnight
3-15-4, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan (map)
Phone Number: 03-5774-4105
Website: http://www.hashidaya.com/shibuya/index.html