Tatsuhito Satoi : The Next Pastry Star in Kyoto

Best cheese tart I've ever had. 

I dare say it's better than BAKE or Pablo. And who else could have produced this but the No.1 Patisserie's ....disciple, Tatsuhito Satoi. Opened only in May this year, Patisserie Tatsuhito Satoi has been placed under the spotlight of local media because the chef used to train under Yuji Ajiki. That also explains why his cakes are so similar or should I say, copycats of those in YA.  But my wild guess is that he must have received the approval/blessings from his master to open his own shop. 

Take for example the Harmonie (¥480) which is also available at YA. It was as good as the Honey Hunt or Noisette which I've had from Y.A and maybe even better. The chamomile creme anglaise poured magnanimously as I sliced through the Jasmine chocolate mousse. I don't even have to taste to know its flavor;  the aroma was already there. Excellent. 
While I didn't try the original legendary roll from Yuji Ajiki, the Tatsujin roll (¥350) here, though gratifyingly pillowy and bouncy, did not had the wow factor maybe because I had set my expectations too high. The roll cakes from Kissho Karyo were softer. 

Chestnuts often come across as saccharinely sweet but this was utterly light, balanced by a tangy raspberry layer. The base is a layer of cake that resembled our banana cake and a superb buttery and crunchy biscuit 

Cuivre (¥450) 
But if there was one item that could possibly surpass the excellence of Yuji Ajiki, it would be the Baked Cheese Tart (¥480). The creamy pudding-like cheese layer was intensely cheesy and not too sweet. It was so delicately wobbly that I'm surprised how it could maintain such a good structure. Think of it as having the best qualities of Pablo & Bake combined as one. 
Even the croissants punched it's weight above the rest despite its dainty figure. So gorgeously flaky and buttery that it makes me want to try the original croissant from YA as well which I've heard was superb. Other items like the Matcha Chocolate French Toast (250 yen) and Bacon Tomato Tartine(220 yen) were. 
Compared to the currently top ranked Kyoto patisserie Tenderesse, I prefer the cakes here as it is less sweet and I think Tatsuhito Satoi has the potential to beat Tenderesse easily (or just a matter of time haha)  There are slightly fewer cakes here than YA but the selection of breads are wider and looked so amazingly delicious that it can qualify as a full-fledged bakery. 

Totally impressed by how much this one single man can bake because I only see him in the kitchen. And one thing which he did better than YA was to have a small cafe space to eat in (breads can be toasted up too!) I'm glad I came before he gets too famous in Kyoto haha

Should my favourite chef Yuji Ajiki retired one day, I don't think I need to worry because I know where to go for my cake fix. 

Patisserie Boulangerie Tatsuhito Satoi
Address: 京都市左京区北白川追分町2 Eフラット北白川1F
Tel: 075-285-1171
Closed on Wed 
京阪電車出町柳駅下車 徒歩約15分
市バス百万遍バス停 徒歩約5分


  1. Wonderful. Thank you for your recommendation. Excellent pastries and baked goods. I went twice while in kyoto for 5 days, truly worth the visit.


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