Hayashiya Shinbei Ginza 銀座林屋新兵衛 : Zunda Amazake Kakigori and More

There's a sense of ecstasy when food turns out much better than expected. And this was the case for the Amazake Cream Zunda Kakigori, the monthly flavor of Kakigori at Hayashiya Shin Beiei. This is a cafe-bar concept by Kyo Hayashiya serving classic Japanese desserts and drinks. I could smell the sweet aroma of Amazake when it arrived and the center sunk in once the unsweetened matcha syrup was poured in. The Amazake was stronger than the one I had at Shimura and the Genmai Cha rice pops buried beneath was a sheer delight.

We decided to order Hayashiya's special anmitsu because many other customers ordered it and it looked SO GOOD. Indeed, the Warabi mochi was one of the best I've had, possibly even softer than Kisshokaryo. My friend was shocked by the size of the red bean paste but don't worry, it wasn't overly sweet as it was meant to pair with soft chewy Dangos and kanten jelly. Service was excellent and we left as very happy, satisfied customers

daily 11.30am-9.30pm