Sunday, May 28, 2017

俺の Bakery&Cafe Ebisu : First Bakery Concept by the Ore No Group

 The Oreno group (Ore no Yakitori , Ore no Kappo, Ore no French Italian)has finally ventured into the bread sector and opened the Oreno Bakery Cafe in Ebisu in  Nov 2006. It's famous for its shokupan 食パン which is made with an original blend of France and Canada flour. There are three types, nama shokupan, yamagata shokupan and mascarpone honey shokupan. The breads are baked at certain timings and that's when you'll notice a line forming outside the cafe. The dine-in menu offers a variety of sandwiches and toasts featuring either it's Nama shokupan or Yamagata shokupan. That's a good way of trying the bread without having to buy an entire loaf for yourself.

Prices are very reasonable for the portions. As much as I love cheese, I prefer the Atsu-Yaki Tamago Sando (680 yen) to the Four Cheese Toast (680 yen). The Tamago was soft and not sweet at all, complementing the tangy mustard spread. The Nama shokupan used here was soft and chewy but my vote goes to the Yamagata shokupan used in the Four Cheese Toast as it has a light milky fragrance and pulls apart more easily. The latter would be perfect if the cheese was molten like DAB's grilled cheese toast.

We also had the most expensive Roast Beef Toast (1280 yen) which wasn't quite memorable except for the two sunny side eggs which appeared when there's supposedly only one.

The Creme Brulee Toast (\680) was sweet and custardy but the bitter caramelized taste was weak as evident from the lousily torched surface. A great relief that I didn't have to queue for my food during weekends, though there was a line when I left.  In short, a value-for-money brunch spot that offers nothing wow but decent everyday fare

Café 8am-9pm
Sale of Shokupan 10am-9pm
東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-20-6 恵比寿ガーデンプレイス 時計広場
Nearest station: Ebisu


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