Yummi Bites

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I have always walked past Yummi Bites without realizing that the snacks they are selling have been highly raved in the media and press. All the deep-fried food here are best consumed hot. But if you were to takeaway and consume them after several hours like what I did, the good news is the batter remain crispy and not oil-logged. 

So the question is : Which one to try? Their bestseller and the most expensive one is the durian fritters ($2.50). But they are worth every cent because you see what you get--95% real luscious durian flesh and 5% crunchy coating. Plus, the frying method somehow eliminated some of the (pungent) smell, the fear factor of some people. 

My favourite is the Nian Gao 3-in-one($1.60), a twist of the usual nian gao sandwiched between yam and sweet potato. The nian gao is chewy, but does not stick to your teeth. The green bean ($1.00) is smooth but not too dense nor overly-sweetened.

In the spirit of sharing more food, I went to the branch at AMK hub and bought some savoury items to try. The cheese potato balls ($1.80) drizzled with melted cheddar cheese are not creamy like croquettes but a more compact hashbrown minus the nauseating greasy odour. 

Instead of goreng pisang, I chose the jackfruit($1.20), which surprisingly had a more intense fragrance than the durian. If you like fried snacks, this place might be convenient stop for you to grab a quick bite before you rush for your train.
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Yummi Bites (Halal)
Basement 1, Unit B1-K5
Bugis Junction