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Looking for food with fine-dining quality and affordable price is no longer mission impossible if you come to Platypus Kitchen @ Bugis Junction. Unlike their first outlet at Clifford Centre (since 2010) that focuses on handmade pastas and risottos, this place also serves hearty mains, appetizers and desserts.

Just like how the Italian Mamas serve their food, the chef-owner Nicolas Lin emphasizes three points: Home-made, Freshness and Simplicity. As he shared on how they committed in using organic and seasonal produce to their very best and making their pastas fresh daily, I was reminded of Jamie Oliver and other Japanese chefs who abide to similar food philosophy.

Take for example the Truffled Fries ($6.90). Instead of being merely tossed in truffle oil, I appreciate the generous shavings of REAL truffles, Parmesan cheese and herbs to impart flavor and aroma into the thick-cut fries without relying too heavily on sodium

Similar to the version served at Caffe B, the Risotto Balls ($8.90) here are stuffed with mozzarella-cheese and deep fried with breaded Panko crumbs. The unique point lies in the fresh pumpkin purée that livened this Italian street food with natural sweetness.

The Truffle Carbonara Tagliatelle ($16.90), a flat egg noodles cooked with double-smoked bacon and mushrooms in truffle egg yolk sauce, is simple and decadent. The sauce coats the pasta evenly without being too cloying.

Do not worry that the Squid ink Pasta will stain your teeth as the black ink has been rolled into the pasta. Served with seared bay scallops at $16.50, the version here boasts a garlicky flavor, with some cherry tomatoes dunked in for that extra salsa zing.

The Crab Cakes ($12.90) loaded with more chunky crab claw meat than potatoes, was another well-executed deep-fried dish. Crisp, non-greasy and moisture kept intact.

I love spicy food and thus found this Spicy Diabolo Crab and Prawn ($18.50) that used the same egg pasta as in the previous dishes, to be exceptionally satisfying.

Nonetheless, some found this original level of spiciness to be too heaty. Personally, I would love to challenge their Inferno that is 4X spicier!!! (**you can choose btw 4 levels of spiciness)

But what awoken my palates was the unassuming Pressed Pork Belly ($19.80). Konbu broth was poured on the spot fused with the chunks of braised apples, carrots and a honey & clove apple glaze, recreating a festive sort of vibe. The slightly pickled sweet-tartness dominated and matched with the beautifully caramelized meat.

Carnaroli rice, or the"King of Rice" used in this Saffron & Caviar Risotto($19.90) had a chewier bite than its cousin Arborio rice. Still, the dollop of caviar arrested the show and delivered the main flavours for this dish. Never mind the fact that saffron powder is used instead of saffron flowers.

Desserts were intriguing yet exciting. The Iced Sea Salt Caramel ($6.90) had different textures-smooth sea salt and caramel buttercream, crunchy chocolate peanut butter brittle at the base and popping candy that fizzled and whirled on the tongues. The overall taste was familiar yet sensational, but presumably better if you could wait for the solid buttercream to turn softer.

In fact, their weekday lunch set meals ($10.90) and dinner set meals($16.90) include choice of hot soup or salad, plus choice of cold beverage.

What's more? One can get their beer cocktails such as the Smith Ale and Momo-Lychee Ale at $4.90 (UP $9.90) or Kirin Beer at $4.90 (UP $7.90).

Despite the use of exquisite ingredients like truffles, saffron or caviar, all the mains here are kept below $20 except for the seafood stew. As true food speaks for itself, I could not pinpoint any mediocre pastas here.

Tasty, creative fine-dining gourmet food without being too gimmicky. This is the place that Singapore needs more.

This is the 2nd station of Bugis Food Trail 2013 after the 1st station. Check out all 10 listings on the main FOOD map! :)
Platypus Kitchen Bugis
12 noon- 10.30pm Daily

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