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After dining at Fish & Co several times, I am delighted to learn about their revamped menu with new tasty dishes. The menu has become a stylish magazine with a 50s retro feel. The choice of light blue colour scheme also effectively highlighted its nautical theme.
Clams with Curry Butter $11.95--The use of butter in this dish produced a smooth and creamy texture which makes it a perfect dip for the focaccia bread served alongside. The curry is mildly sweet and won't leave your tongue burning.

Similarly, the Mussels with Spicy Marinara Sauce ($11.95) is a bed of succulent mussels in a less-than-fiery salsa blended with tomatoes,herbs, onions, flecked with with chopped chilli and garlic.

Another new addition is the Soft Shell Crab Salad($11.95), a giant deep-fried crab with beautiful sweet flavours. Be sure to dig in quickly before the dish gets soggy.

Out of the 9 versions of fish and chips ranging from Swiss-style to Singapore-style on the menu, the Bombay F&C ($16.95) used up to 5 spices and herbs in the batter. However, the magic of spices did not seem to work. The crispy coating lacked character, though the fish itself was exceptionally tender and moist.

For a place that is renowned for seafood, I did not expect the Black Pepper Chicken Baked Rice ($13.95) to be so flavourful. Each mouthful of rice grains is moist and peppery, balanced with sweetness from the luscious caramelised onions. Be sure to scrape the burnt bits of cheese like what I did. Simply spectacular and addictive!

Grilled Peri Peri Chicken with Scallops ($18.95) is an unusual marriage of the land and the sea. The juicy slab of chicken allows one to savour its natural taste without strong seasoning,but I still love the plump, sweet scallops that are buried beneath the gooey melted cheese.

Shrimp & Clams Aglio Olio ($14.95) is delightfully light and not too oily.

If you want a bit of everything, try the Seafood Galore($22.95) You get a pair of nicely-grilled king prawns, curry butter clams and white dory fillet.

However, the winning catch for me was the Grilled Fish with Ebiko $16.95, a latest seasonal item that released on April 15th . The fact that the dish is baked does not make it any healthier, considering the combination of mozzarella cheese and ebiko roe smothered on white fish. Yet the gratifying savouriness makes the dish so irresistible. Plus a rare appearance of the tangy coleslaw that perked my appetite again for more feasting!

Out of all the new dishes, my personal pick is the Black pepper chicken baked rice and the Ebiko fish. However, I was not only hooked to the seafood, but also to their creamy mash and french fries--one of the best versions I've tasted that day.

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Fish & Co Bugis Junction
Sun - Thur: 11:30am to 9:30pm
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* Alfresco dining available
Tel: 6338 2836

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