Maggie Moo Ice Cream

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Maggie Moo, not Maggie Q or Maggie Mee, is another ice cream chain that helms from US, just like NYDC. When me aka dairycream reached that place, I thought I had found my twin sibling. Don't you think the mascot Miss Maggie Moo look like my avatar (**profile pic of my fb page)? 

Okay now back to the 6 ice cream flavours which we tried.  Their signature item is the (top left) Cotton Candy Ski Jump with M&M and mini marshmallow. It stains your teeth blue but does not taste too artificial. And you don't have to be a kid to enjoy this!

The least sweetest ice cream was the Chocolate 2 the Extreme (top right), packed full of dark chocolate. If you don't like Red velvet : red velvet cake w pecans choc cake n fudge (bottom right), there is also Mango Madhouse (bottom left) is a refreshing option. FYI: no durian ice cream.

Two of my favourites are Vanilla Cookie Dough Yoyo (vanilla with cookie dough Oreo and fudge) and Cheesecake with Teddy Graham's fresh strawberries and caramel. All pictures here show the Maggie Moo Size (middle-size 5 oz cup) at $6.90.  The smallest size is Lil Moo (3oz) at $4.90 but feel free to upsize to The Moother, Grand Mother or The Stampede !!!!

For more information on ice cream cupcakes, cakes or milkshakes:

And that is the 10th and final stop of our Bugis Food Trail 2013. Click HERE to find out what we had on the earlier stops. Thank you for reading all 10 posts.

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