Ah Long Pancake: Traditional Mee Chiang Kueh?

I love Mee Chiang Kueh but those commonly sold are thick, chewy with more batter than fillings. It was only recently that I found out from the Folks about the earliest form of mee chiang kueh. They were smaller discs of crispy pancake that looked like Apam Balik, often sold by uncles who make them fresh off the griddle.

After a long hunt for the "ancient" mee chiang kueh aka 传说中的面煎馃, I was glad to have finally discover Ah Long Pancake at Lavendar Hawker Centre/ Food Square. It fits the description, only that they are no longer made in cast-iron hot plates that are still used to serve you hot plate tofu zichar. Plus, you get some novelty flavours like sambal and even durian.

The best thing about having this kind of MCK is that every single piece are made fresh upon order, and it won't take minutes before you get a golden-brown crispy pancake. Ah Long specialises in pancakes with an egg, and thus we had the peanut+egg+cheese version at $1.90.


There are also savoury fillings such as chicken floss or chye poh. I like the corn and peanuts (above pic-$1.20) for the creamy texture, even though the auntie unblatantly showed you that they are using canned corns instead of making their own corn filling. The coconut ($0.90) and peanuts ($0.90) were both aromatic.

Coconut ($0.90)
I tried to search into the history of Mee Chiang Kueh in Singapore but could not gather much information. Not sure if Apam Balik and Mee Chiang Kueh actually belonged to the same family or should be treated as two different types of snacks. Nonetheless, I am not rejecting the thick version of MCK, but my vote ultimately goes to this thin crisp version. It is more aromatic and not too filling (which means I can have more...hehe:p)

Do you know of any other places which sell this kind of Mee Chiang Kueh? Or if you have anything to share about this snack, please feel free to leave a comment here or on my facebook page

Ah Long Pancake
Lavender Food Market (Near Lavender MRT)
380 Jalan Besar
12.15noon-11pm daily


  1. Shelley here! Hahahhaha I super love the one at bishan! Jus opp bishan mrt that coffee shop:)

    1. Hi Shelley!

      Thanks for popping by here. I didn't know u were reading my blog :) hehe...my friend told me about the one at bishan! Shall check it out one day soon!! Thanks for the info and support!

  2. My father and mother shop is the ahlong pancake owner. Idk what is apam balik but that isnt belong to my parents.

  3. Should try the one at CT Hub2 near lavender mrt. Shop named the Pantree. U won't be disappointed. One of the best i've tried in town:)


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