Siam Kitchen: Halal Thai Cuisine

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Sawadeekrap! After some local specialty friesgourmet fine-dining and Shanghai food, it's time to spice up the mood with THAI food.

Siam Kitchen is part of the Creative Eateries group that dishes up fuss-free Thai cuisine that includes not only the usual thai fare such as pad thai and curries, but also some delish grilled seafood platters and street food from Bangkok. Since it serves a HALAL thai food, no pork is used in the dishes. 

The Papaya Salad is one of the classic dish done well with sprinkles of nuts and shrimps. At $7.90, the slices of unriped papaya, carrots and cherry tomatoes are tossed in a sharp tangy dressing made of fish sauce, lime juice and brown sugars. Authentic as it seems, some people may struggle with the extremely firm texture of raw long beans.

Their Thai Mixed Salad with NZ Beef fillet $8.50 offers diverse textures in a mouthful of tender meat, making it a great salad alternative to the papaya salad. I found myself liking this dish a lot because the sauce is bright and perky. 

Picture reflects tasting portion
The Tom Yum Seafood Soup $7.60 is a flavorsome broth mingling spicy, sour and freshness of the ingredients all into one. 

The letdown here was the Deep fried Garoupa fish with chilli dip $23.90. The batter was crunchy, but thick and the fish was not very fresh. Nonetheless, the fish being thoughtfully laid out in nugget-sized bites, saves the trouble of combing through the fish for the meat.

The standard staple of Thai street markets, Gai Yang, or grilled honey-marinated boneless chicken $12.90, is a dish easily skipped over in a blink on the menu. The dark hue of the chicken skin glistens in a promising way, emitting a subtle caramelized BBQ flavor that sings with the juicy meat.

But if you have more people to share, their Siam Siam Grilled Combo Platter $22.90 might be a better option because it consists not just of the honey-marinated chicken shown earlier,  but also squid, beef and prawns. They are slow-grilled and served along with a sweet tamarind sauce which mitigate the smoky flavors.

So for those who sticks to conventional thai food such as papaya salad and sweet and sour fried fish, I would recommend the beef salad and seafood/meat platters. They are light, flavorful and easy to demolish as compared to western style platters. Those not acclimatized to the heat can grab their iced water. As for me, the chilli padi in fish sauce keeps me in good company, as always.

This is the 4th stop of the Bugis Food Trail organised by and Bugis Junction. Check out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stop or here for the main FOOD map

Siam Kitchen Bugis Junction
Opening Hrs:
11.30am-10pm daily

Tel: 6337 3777