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The House of Robert Timms is best known for their coffee but do you know they have revamped their desserts section since January? My previous visit here was a delightful encounter with kangaroo meat and this time round it's all about boozy alcoholic sweets!

My problem with macarons is that they are always so small that its simply not satisfying to stop at one. Though XL-sized macarons are not novelties (they can be found at Au Chocolat),  the version at Robert Tims boasts premium alcohol flavors ($7 each) such as this Barcardi Gold & Kahlua (above)  and the light brown-colored Black Daniel's Whisky(see top picture).The outermost shell was chalky and dry, but because its so huge, there is substantial amount of chewy fudgy interior.
If alcohol is not your type, they have Lavender (above) infused with floral tea leaves, or Chocolate Mint and Rose ($6 each).
Finally, I have found a cupcake that has more than enough cream to last me through the cake. Their Butterscotch & Caramel cupcake is brilliant as the butterscotch topping is not the typical buttercream but more like a ganache-hybrid drizzled with ooey-gooey caramel. It is rich, velvety with intense hints of cappuccino. A good combination with the cake that is studded with apple skins.

The Kirsch Mousse $7.50 deconstructs the classic Black Forest cake by eliminating the white whipped cream and dark chocolate shavings/mousse. I like the proportion of mousse to chocolate sponge but the kirsch liquor could be stronger to match up with the vanilla beans.

Nevertheless, Robert Timms still manages their classic items well.  The Lemon Lamington, a famed Australian lemon-curd filled sponge cake coated with aromatic dessicated coconut, may appear unassuming but airy, pillowy with a tart note.  There is also the chocolate flavor.

Sadly, their previous amazing items like the toffee crunch pie have now gone into history. There are still many other new items like the dark chocolate walnut tart and the chocolate nemesis torte that I have yet to try but if they revamped their sweets menu, why would I say no?:)

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House of Robert Timms
Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Road, #01-02/03 Somerset
1F Wheelock Place 501 Orchard Road

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  1. wow, really didn't know RObert Timms have such a nice dessert selection, keen to their the huge macaron :)

    1. Haha...yeps, it satisfied my sweet tooth even though it was slightly hard to crack apart. Thank you very much for leaving your comment and I am very honored to have you reading my posts!


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