320Below Nitro Cream Cafe

After an earlier Indian vegetarian meal at Ananda Bhavan, we walked to an ice cream shop that strangely, has no signs of ice cream on display
"Huh? No ice cream?Then how to order?". As we looked around, there were Kitchen-Aid Mixers, some chemical pipes and a black board full of various flavors of ice cream. Sounds like Dexter Laboratory? Yes it is!

After hearing from the friendly ice cream lady, Madam Kam, we finally realized that the ice cream here is made fresh upon order by using liquid nitrogen at below -320 degrees Celsius to freeze the raw ice cream custard.

The two flavors we tried, Salted Caramel ($4.80) and Cookie Doodle($5.20). The latter was made up of cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and crushed cookies. Thanks to this quick freeze method, both are creamy and velvety, without any icy crystals that obstructs your taste pleasure.

More than just innovative, the ice cream here offers quality. They are less in sugar and do not use emulsifier, stabilizers, preservatives. Rest assure that this is safe for consumption because the nitrogen evaporates and leaves no residue. This place also accepts customization orders for any wacky flavors you can think of. I can't wait to try the flavours which I have marked out when I return to Little India next time!
320Below Nitro Cream Cafe 
33 Mackenzie Road, #01-01 (10min walk from Dhoby Ghaut)

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