Pavé Chocolates:the Final Sonata or the Incomplete Melody?

This is the second entry on patisseries from Pave. I have been returning to try their products because they come from a bunch of very enthusiastic young people who are passionate and most importantly, confident of showing others what kind of top-notched cakes they are capable of selling.

I guess it is difficult to find such local cake shops nowadays as many of the famous pastry chefs here are either foreigners or they worked in hotels. Can really feel their sense of pride in their cakes ( either when u talk to them personally or by reading their website) so..all the more we should support right?

There were many items which I had not tried the first time round so here they are:

Chocolate Armagnac
Pave Signatures - Chestnut Cake
French Chestnut Paste, Whole Chestnuts, Hungarian Chocolate Chestnut Sponge,
15-Year Old Armagnac
 Whenever I see chestnut cakes, I will think alot before I it in Japan or here. Why? Cos I will immediately think of Mont Blanc....that ultraliciously sweet cake that I tend to shun away from. I daresay Mont Blanc is sort of my limit for cakes.

As such I only bought this Chocolate Armagnac on my third visit. I thought it would be a whole sugar overdose with a mixture of chocolate chestnut mousse. But....Aha....I was Wrong. And I absolutely did not regret having this.

Chestnuts and the Hungarian Sponge Sandwiched between the mousse 
Why? Cos its an unique flavour that u can't find elsewhere. Look at the insides...extremely light yet full bodied alcohol Armagnac mousse just blow u right off ur chair! No joke.

It is not sweet at all..even the whole chestnuts inside were not sweet but soft, like they were steamed.
The Hungarian choc sponge is not your usual sponge. Its does not taste like sponge which makes me wonder why they call it that way. Its weird that a sponge can melt so easily in ur mouth. Has a hint of bitterness which balances the entire cake.

Does not the cake looks like a mountain itself?
a Mont Blanc in disguise (ahem, not the Mont Blanc Pen arh.) 
But u will never know what is hidden inside this crispy shell.
I would describe this as one of the most spectacularly unique but of cos delicious creation in Singapore. Be warned of its alcohol!!

I like tiramisu that can really give out the alcohol taste, not that I like liquor but I enjoy trying liquor desserts. This was does not disappoint and I would say its mousse is softer than others. I think it would be different for it to last long in its shape if it is not place in such a cup.

But sadly, the sponge was too much and too dry. Rather tough vs the usual soaked saviordi biscuits used in most tiramisus.
Surprise!!! Secret chocolate fudge....ooolala....
Ooh...not to forget that there is also a surprise here too. Can u see the bitter chocolate fudgy sauce? Totally unexpected to find it in a tiramisu. Just three words: I like it=D

Bouncing Berries
Blackcurrant Mousse, White Chocolate infused with Rosemary

This one is average and slightly too sweet. It would prefer the tanginess of the cassis mousse to be stronger However, I was happy to be able to get the rosemary taste.

Perhaps thats why the name is Bouncing Berries, cos the coating is like the SK II advertisement......"肌肤*boing! boing*的"。
The gelatin might be a little too much as I find the coating a little rubbery. But it still looks tasty, isn't it? The white chocolate mousse is only limited to the middle section (above the sponge).

Mara des Bois Millefeuille
almond cream, dessert, vanilla cream, Woodland strawberries

Ooh...this is absolutely delicious. The puff pastry layer is thinner and flakier than the strawberry pie of flor. However, again for it to be less sweet, there is actually no need to sprinkle a layer of icing sugar on top.

The cream here tastes different. Why? Because I think some cheese had been added inside and it is not too sweet.The cream is interesting n paired well with the very very sweet plump juicy strawberries. Did not take note whether there is any almond taste in it though, was too busy eating it.

However, as this is a seasonal goodie, it is not always available. So try your luck next time;)

Chocolate Souffle
Picture Perfect with Home-made Ice Cream 
can u see the thick layer of cocoa dust on top?
Lastly, this would be incomplete without the ultimate chocolate souffle. They made it only upon order and you can first see a sturdy nice souffle that is even in shape. Not the kind which will tilt sideways or one side higher than the other.Presentation = Perfect.

Smoky when u first dig into it...i mean real smoke!

It has a crispy outer layer due to the sugar but the insides were hot puffy fluffy and moist near the base. Hmm, but the home made ice cream was a little sweet but hah.i still finished it and I scraped it Clean. Would wish the ice cream to be larger in greedy ? You would also want more when u try it.

For 2 hungry cows?
Not enough lah!
I was relieved that the souffle was not too sweet. Actually it sort of change me into liking souffle instead of the molten choc cake. It requires much more technical skill to make a good souffle and that's why many cafés ir restaurant does not whip up a souffle, esp ala minute. You have to wait 20minutes for it to rise but u'll finish it in 2 minutes.

And I have bought their brownies tooo....i think the shop owner mentioned it was made with 64% chocolate? Not so sure but it was damn good....u can imagine the brownies without the photos, Haha, it tastes so rich but yet not sweet. And the interesting thing is that if you buy their packed products, they even went ahead to stick some explanation about the products. Good! Good! 

So I guess I've almost done with trying the items that I want to try, or have I not?

Chop short this is a place where one should go if u would like to 感受一下下 the passion and effort that has gone into each piece of artwork.

Pave Chocolates
93 East Coast Road, Singapore, Singapore 428792!/pavechocolates


  1. Uwaa~ Looks awesome, especially the Chocolate Armagnac and Mara des Bois Millefeuille! ^^

    Now I feel the need to try them for myself *drools*

  2. wow, the chocolate armagnac tempted me to go back there asap, didn't see it last time round :)

  3. hello adel & potatoos,

    glad that u all are tempted by the cakes. Hehe, the Chocolate Armagnac is always available but the Mara des Bois Millefeuille is seasonal. Yeps, do try them once in ur lifetime. I think it's worth it;)

  4. Hi 恬,

    Thank you for your lovely review! =) The Mara Des Bois season is over. We will bring back the good treats next year. =)

    Hope to see you around Pavé soon!



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