Salted Chocolate & Cookies

Salt with caramel? That must have become the past trend already. Take a look at some new goodies by US and Japanese snacks engineers who have paired salt with praline, almonds and white chocolate.

Crunchy Sweet and Salty Bark by Parker since 1926
This is one of the best chocolate snack you should indulge in once in a lifetime. Pretzels and peanuts have been mixed into the chocolate, and every bite goes *Snap!*.

This is part of Parker's Organic Confections Line that are marketed as "premium products that use only the purest, minimally processed, natural, organic-certified ingredients available. " Well, I'm not too sure whether it is 100% organic but it sure tastes heavenly.

Expect a good hit of salt on the finish.

Besides this, I have yet tried the Pomegrate & Orange Cream and Pink Peppermint Bark which is on the shelves at Candylicious Store too. The packaging is slightly different from the jars shown on the website.

For those who wonder what barks are, here is the short description from Parkers:
The barks look like white chocolate, but are actually what is known in the trade as coating (or confectioner’s coating), made with sugar, whole milk powder, soy lecithin and vanilla, like regular white chocolate, but substituting fractionated palm kernel oil for the cocoa butter.

It might be slightly pricey but you won't think about the money after you have tasted it!

Ghiradelli Sea Salt Soiree Bar
I was delighted to see this at the Ghiradelli section in Candylicious and bought it straightaway.
The taste of salt is very subtle and probably because it is refrigerated, it is harder to get the flavors.

"The luxuriously deep and velvety dark chocolate in Sea Salt Soiree is infused with bursts of sea salt and roasted almonds delivering unrivaled chocolate intensity. Experience a moment of timeless pleasure with Ghirardelli's all natural Intense Dark Chocolate."

Nonetheless, this is not sweet, crunchy due to the bits of almond. You can tell that high quality cocoa is used as it does not have a plastic or artificial kind of taste. It is difficult to describe but one is able to compare as you try more.

 This is suitable for after dinner indulgence while the sweet and salty bark is an all day snack and perhaps more popular among the kids.

Meiji Salted Praline & Macademia Cookie ($3.60)
塩プラリネ & クラッシュマカダミア

Another surprise to find Japanese snack featuring the sweet x salty theme once again.
It is a good thing that they are individually packed with around 7 each in one box. You can taste the nutty fragrance of macadamia nuts. It seems that so much nuts have been used as if u r not eating any biscuits but just nuts. 

But, the salty praline chocolate coating did not shine because it tasted quite average. Not much difference from other flavors in this series.

A more detailed description

Meiji Chip Chop Salted White chocolate
チップチョップこく旨ホワイト ($3.60)Previously I have tried it's original black chocolate version. It must be time that they think there is a need to invent new products and tadaa...!!! A wonderful pairing of salt and white chocolate.

Made of wheat coated with salt 
The triangular delights are not your usual cookies as they are made with wheat. I was a little disappointed that it was a little 漏风,but once u popped it into the fridge, it is as crunchy as any other kind.

Look at how they teach us to fold the box!

And I like that the package is designed with consumers' welfare in mind. Look at how they teach you to fold their specially designed box in a way that allows u to store it aside if you do not wish to finish it at a go. Of cos this does not guarantee that it will be crispy if u store the packet outside but at least it will be less messy in the fridge. No spills or need for rubber bands:)

Cover of the Box Neatly Tucked Together (like origami)

The salt actually lies in the biscuit and not in the thin chocolate layer in the middle. Thus you may mistake this for a salty snack as it is what you taste before the sweetness. Quite a innovative product I must say, as the two tastes of sweet and salty are rather distinct.

どううぞ 食べてみて(^-^)