Not Hatched Yet

A lot of people have tried this and the reviews are rather mixed. Overall the experience is not too bad but considering the location price and quality of the food, there is not much interest to return.

It is a cafe located in suburbs area serving all day breakfast. The menu is cute and the names are creative but I am afraid it is a little 有名无实。
We went on a Sunday evening and the place was more than half full. But anyway the place does not have many seats either. Be prepared to share tables with other people if u are seated on a longer sch bench.

Shall talk about the better stuff first.
Oozy Baked Eggs ($10)
Eggs count: 2
This dish was savoury and cheesy. And the portion was fortunately bigger than what thought as 2 pathetic eggs in a muffin tray. Because it is in a deep transparent dish,you can guess that there are much more to just baked eggs inside:)but it seems as though they just cover it with a slice of kraft cheddar cheese that kids like to eat before placing it into the oven for it to melt.

A scoop of the fillings with tomato bacon mushrooms onions and egg yolk
 I would prefer if the egg yolks are soft and runny. Not cooked to this stage.

Smoked Royale ($12)
Poached egg, smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce on Half an English muffin.
With salad and homemade mash.
Egg Count: 1

Well for one egg at $12 and 2 eggs at $18, I think it is more expensive than cafe hacienda at Dempsey hill. The latter gives 2 similar ones at $13.50. Again, no service charge for both. Nothing very wow about the taste. Just your simple meal that features eggs.

The Sleepover ($8)
Thick Slices of sweet Brioche Toasts soaked in eggs
Egg Count : 2?
Disappointing. 名字那样好听,出来看到两片白面包配煎鸡蛋,哪里会sweet?  I thought it would be really rich in taste and golden brown in appearance but it is as though the bread is simply covered both sides with eggs. The bread does not seemed to be soaked in any egg juices before as it is white when you cut into it. Well, at least there is the old reliable maple syrup which can salvage the dish a little.

Tortilla Espanole ($12)
thick? Spanish Omelette filled with fried potatoes, capsicum, onions and tomatoes
Egg Count: ???

This was the last to be served. Look at the huge size and it is a omelette. I thought the chef forgot to fold the whole thing into half before serving because it does not look like the usual western or Japanese style of half folded omelette. 不是该像蛋包饭的蛋而不是菜圃蛋吗?就算是菜圃蛋卖相和味道也更好。

The taste is rather plain but if u are a healthy eater there is no need to add salt. The white toast is hidden below the giant omelette.This dish focuses on the quantity instead of the quality.

Papillote ($14)
Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Served with Sauteed Potatoes, Caramelised Onions, Baked Tomato 

This one is their signature. Surprisingly the smoked salmon is less salty than the usual ones. The scrambled eggs Could be creamier. The bread here are toasted but I find it a little chewy and hard rather than crispy or fragrant. The white chive cream is really too little to accompany the whole dish. I think they can afford to give more for this price.

Cheese Toastie ($4)
Egg count: 0

The kids menu is really limited to about 3 dishes. But yet the quality is rather sad. Look at the picture and you know you can remake that at home. Even breadtalk cheese buns are cheaper and better than this.
Given that nowadays kids have much bigger appetite....这个嘛。。。

They consider pancakes as dessert in the menu ( not shown on the board here) but I do not agree. So I ordered 2 from the 黑板。

Panna Cotta ($8)
that wasn't unmold well
The panna cotta was acceptable and really milky. Paired well with the super thick and tangy blueberry sauce.

What a pity and waste of $6 for chocolate fondant

As for the chocolate molten cake, it was a failure. I wonder if this was pre-made and frozen as u can taste that the insides are colder than the outside. But the worst thing is that there is no lava flowing out at all. It is just as though u are eating a moist brownie that is also very sweet.

Don't mistake the chocolate sauce for the lava.....the sauce was drizzled on top of the cake.
Conclusion: It's either they did not use good quality chocolate or that they've added too much sugar or that this cake is store bought and heated upon order.
They did not change their menu online here. And so there are fewer breakfast choices but slightly more main courses like pasta and stews. I'm not sure if it is their strategy to target a wider audience but from reading the reviews by others,the quality of the food here is rather inconsistent.

Hmm...Maybe they should focus more on their original concept of breakfast and eggs??
After all their name is "hatched" right?

26 Evans Road, Evans Lodge (Nearest MRT Newton)
Daily except Mon
No GST or Service Charge