The Green Room 吃了脸青青

Don't be mistaken by the title thinking that the food is bad. Nope, I mean that not every one can get used to organic vegan food. Amongst the food, I think the one that shine is the soy laksa. This cafe at Bishan Park 2 is next door to it's sister restaurant The Canopy Dining and you can order from both menus. The Canopy is your usual western style kind of restaurant while the Green Room is a healthy vegan dining choice. No meat.
So not all may like it.
Salt, Onions, Coriander, Red chilli padi
the salt might be the expensive kind of lavender or volanic salt flakes because it is purple in colour.
Why this place? Cos I read reviews from nuyou and wo bao. Quite curious about this concept and decided to take the risk. Do note that 传统的华人who likes food to be hot will only be limited to 3 warm dishes. Take a look at their menu. The rest are cold as the food are not supposed to be cooked above 46度. So I think the warm dishes can be increased

难道有机料理就不能煮吗?raw food=natural good food???
Well, hmmm....I think this kind of food try once can le. For the experience only. And if you want to detox? (but I am not sure if it will be effective..haha)

Green Grapefruit juice($12)
Grapefruit large pomelo spinach lime chlorophyll and honey.
Ahem....chlorophyll? You did not read wrongly.

Sayur Asam-Sundanese Vegetable Soup($8)
Fresh vegetables Indonesian herbs.
The soup tasted like Tom Yum. The waitress said it was not spicy but it turned out to be very very spicy. Slightly salty for me. Like drinking a Thai soup but with vegetables instead of seafood.

Nasi Ulam 香料蔬菜饭($18)
Acar,sweet chilli and lemongrass salad, curry leaf Sambal,papaya Pepper
Nasi Ulam as recommended by the press reviews.
Well not too bad. The pile of rice looking thing is actually all veggies though I don't know the exact ingredients. Very crunchy and light and refreshing. Sour achar but I think hawker achar tastes better. They should named it as marinated pickles,not achar.

The star of the night: Soy Laksa($15)豆浆叻沙
Wheat grass noodles, fresh herbs, broccoli and carrots.

My dining companions did not know it was soy milk until after we left the place. This is really spicy and Pretty Mum did not add a single chilli Padi anymore into the laksa. surprise for someone who always put chilli in such noodle soups.
Can taste peanuts although u cannot see them.I like that the noodles are GREEN. Makes me think that it is a healthier option. Do not expect prawns cockles fishcakes blah blah in this. Only brocolli and carrots. I think the veggies could be cooked longer. Very hard to chew.

Grilled Saba Fish with Teriyaki Sauce
From The Canopy($22)
Teriyaki sauce is in the black dish,not drizzled over the fish

We waited sooo long for this.even though this is from the cafe next door, there is no reason why it was the last to be served after waiing for 45 min. Really. The sky was dark by the time it came. But the fish was a little overcooked and dry. The teriyaki sauce is very thin like water but of cos the taste is there. Surprise!the wedges were really tasty and the ones my family like. Similar to KFC wedges.

Lastly the desserts were ordered out of curiosity.
Apple Crumble
Cashew, Cinammon & vanilla cream
Peanut Butter and Caramel vegan Ice Cream ($11)

First time I tried a vegan ice cream. Very huge scoop but taste like the ice creams not from supermarket but those in ice cream cafes. White colour but yes it's peanut butter and caramel. Not much caramel taste though.

The apples are just simply sliced and sprinkle with cinnamon. Very ordinary. But the crunchy layer of a usual typical crumble was replaced by 枸杞、brown rice and nuts if I'm not wrong. Very unique combo but makes u very full after eating them. I prefer the old crumble high calories butter crumble.

Chocolate & Avocado Mousse ($12)
Mulberry Vegan ice cream,nut,cocoa bean,goji berry sprinkle
Chocolate mousse tastes very special. Never seen this way of wrapping slices of avocado around choc mousse ball. It is not sweet and the crunchy coating of again goji berries nuts etc makes it have a diff texture. But slightly repetitive combination isn't it? Are goji and nuts the ingredients that are workable for a vegan dessert?
The mulberry vegan ice cream was tangy and refreshing.

Overall, the ambience here is very cooling and relax. but service was very very poor. They lack the sense of urgency and attentiveness to their job duty. Because everyone sat outdoor, it was weird that the waitresses ALL stayed indoors most of the time unless there was food to be served. Aiyo,at least some must stand outside mah. I seldom comment on service not that the service across the dining places have no problem but that you become used to that kind of mediocre service. But this one stands out from the crowd and left us with a not so good impression for service.

On the concept of vegan, well, not very impressive. I'm sure it can be shown through food in a much tastier and creative way. Oh, and the chef was not the lady as featured in the press. What a disappointment.

The Green Room ( The Canopy is just in front of it )
Bishan Park 2
AMK Ave 1 ( Near the bus stop)
Lunch from 11am
Dinner from 6pm


  1. I had lunch at the greenroom and a couple of dinners at the canopy restaurant before. The food was alright though for some reason, the quality of the food varies on different visits! They could do with a little bit of price adjustment and more importantly perhaps invest in staff training. The service hasn't been all that impressive. Middle Rock which is located in the same visinity was more of a laid back place, good music especially on weekends but the bar prices coould do with a little adjustment. Was there last saturday and yesterday being Martini night!Seemed they went through changes in the staff operations department. Different bartender and lesser staff on the floor.

  2. I see. Thank you for the info and appreciated your comments:)


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