Slurp! 森永牛乳プリン & Muji お菓子

Puddings are actually a favorite of many people that I know. Here are two of the new puddings in store that you can actually slurp without chewing!

 Sakuramochi Pudding($3.20)
This one is very sweet but yet extremely soft. Does not really have a strong sakura flavor but luckily they did not turn this into a strawberry one. Quite special but I could not find any mochi inside the pudding although it's called sakuramochi.

My guess is that the mochi powder may be added into it already, and thus it is more chewy or glutinous than the original one.

プレミアム牛乳プリン premium milk pudding ($3.20)
1.5x Richer.Use of Heavy Cream
This one is the better of the two. Although it is the richer and creamier version of the original version,it is not like a panna cotta...more like in the middle of a jelly and a panna cotta.

ロングセラー 「森永 牛乳プリン」のおいしさはそのままに、1.5倍量*の牛乳を使用した、濃厚なプレミアムタイプの牛乳プリンです。*「森永 牛乳プリン」と比べて

Quite sweet still but good for a once in a while after dinner indulgence. Try having this instead of ice cream. Definitely a healthier choice. I like the bright red packaging. Lights up your day!

Muji New Snacks
Got some vouchers so used them on muji snacks since I also like to check out its snacks even though I do not buy them sometimes.

Half Baked Castella

Last year in Tokyo there were so many people queueing up for a new item called half baked cheese cake. I bought one entire cake back to Singapore and the taste was so 绵密.when u cut through it the cake just sticks to your knife.
And when I saw a similar but alot cheaper castella (sponge cake) version of it here, I was delighted.

does it look like your shower cap(洗头帽)?
Although it is not cheese flavored, the texture is still like the one I had. But somehow I find it slightly sweeter. This is a really unique cake and I stil don't know the baking procedures behind this that gives it it's name 半熟。

Of course it cannot match the freshness and taste of those sold at depato but it is an economical afternoon snack nonetheless.

This one is a baked tart, so entirely dry and no cream at all. I find the green tea filling too sweet and the pastry tart was slightly soggy and so not to my liking.
The red beans are just,I guess,a conventional pair with matcha.

Lastly,this is a mini version of the very popular Baumkuchen cake. It tastes so moist and sticky after warming up. The caramel layer is limited to only the top but it lacks the bitterness of a good caramel. You can still find the distinct rings that makes it looks like tree logs. A very rich dense pound-cake-like snack.