Snack Attack : Who moved my Cheese?

Here's another round of recommended snacks. (though it's been some time since I've finished them)
Mr Ito came out with these items on 7th Mar but I only saw them in store around late May. They caught my attention because so far, no other Japanese snacks companies have produced anything like that.

ミスターイトチーズボール チーズチーズチーズ

Mr Ito's Cheese Ball Cheese Cheese Cheese
Using Parmagiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano & Gorgonzola.

First, the name of the item is so funny but yet this is what was described on the company's website. They contain a bunch of really salty salty cheese balls. But full of cheese flavour. They've used 3 kinds of cheese Parmagiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano & Gorgonzola. Due to my limited knowledge in cheese, I've not heard much about Pecorino Romano. But the balls are truly very dense , not that kind of airy puffy cheese snacks, thats why they are called cookies.


チーズボール ストロベリーチーズ
Strawberry Cheesecake Flavour
Using camembert cheese, cream cheese & marscarpone cheese
I prefer this one as the taste is much more balanced between the sweet and the salty. This one is just nice as you neither find the cheese smell too overpowering, nor are the cookies too sweet. They are pinkish, which is quite unexpected when u first open the bag.

カマンベール、クリームチーズ、マスカルポーネ 3 種のチーズを練り込んだ生地にストロベリーパウダーをまぶし、デザート風に仕上げました。

the Strawberry Version
the ones I like=D
Both cookies are delicate buttery and sandy when u pick each one with your bare hands. Though it is tagged at 200 Yen, each is sold a little more expensive in local stores here. Guess this can't be helped if you would like to go for an occasion cheese indulgence.

Where to buy? Yamazaka Stores in Singapore