Ladies Night : DB Bistro Moderne

What could be better than the chance to dine with 3 beautiful ladies at a cosy restaurant? It was a rare opportunity to chat and dine with good food at DB bistro moderne. I had previously tried the DB burger but did not had a chance to write about it.
Anyway, I don't think there is much to say about it either, so this time will be featuring other delicious mains and food at this place owned by one of my favorite Chef Daniel Boulud.
The starters: Cheese Gougeres
The sizes are not the same.有大有小
Very cheesy puff and the crust is crispy.And it is hollow!

Look at how the fork pokes through the airy puff shell.

More Bread Coming!! Sorry if the two on the left side looked like Mini Bananas
Grilled Foie Gras
Trio of Apricot, Mâché salad, Duck Jus
Some like Foie Gras,some don't. But nothing wrong to try it at least one in a lifetime. The 3 dinner companions shared this warm grilled foie gras.It is meant to go with the sweet apricot and bread in order to let the flavors burst in your mouth.

What surprise me was the addition of duck jus, which makes the appetizer not too dry. But trio? I can only spot a duo of apricot sauce and real apricot fruits though.

Paired with Toasted Brioche
This is a warm version but there is also actually their signature Foie Gras Terrine which we did not order this time.

Now for the mains......

 Roasted John Dory
Truffle Risotto, glazed salsify and turnips, Chicken Jus
the black shavings are the black truffles=)

This dory was way much better than the barramundi fillet we had at the same place for brunch. The baking time is well handled so the meat remains fresh and tender. Near perfect I would say. Since it is baked, there is no additional flour coating & hence the fish is at it's simplest form.

Well, the risotto was a truly indulgence with the black truffle. Rich and creamy base but it was slightly oversalted. Suspect that it may be due to the Chicken Jus. Anyway,I had always enjoy risotto and this is by far one of the tastier risottos I've tried.

Duck Confit
Pommes Lyonnaise,Bak Choy,Spiced Duck Jus
Bak Choy in French cuisine? Good use of Regional ingredients

I recommended this to Lady Y as this is a classic French cuisine. Haha, but I did not mentioned to her how the duck was cooked. In fact, this kind of duck is immersed fully in hot oil and thus it is not a very healthy way of cooking meat.

Thick layers of fat were clearly visible under the crispy duck skin. I actually like the seasoning of the duck but I'm not sure of this is the best duck canard in Singapore. Have to try more in order to tell.

Y finds it not so palatable because it has a gamey kind of smell like lamb. But for the rest, we do not detect any of this so taste is really subjective. Compared to my chicken main course, I find this a little drier than my Chicken drumstick.

As for the sides which are bak Choy and potatoes, they are really tasty and 重口味。the potatoes are on the oily and mushy side because it is made "pommes Lyonnaise". According to online wiki, This is a way of cooking potatoes by partially cooking it and then sautéing or
panfried with butter and parsley. Lyonnaise comes from the city name Lyon in France. No wonder the potatoes were so soft in the interior and look golden brown outside.

Steak Frites
8oz US Sirloin,Baby Romaine,Sauce Bearnaise, Pommes Frites

All commented that the beef was huge in portion. It was cooked medium and can tell that Lady C enjoyed her dish tremendously as she finished the whole thing despite her petite size. We've all tried and agreed too that the beef was well and lightly seasoned. Not too tough or bloody at all.

As usual, the fries did not disappoint. One can get addicted to the slightly tangy mayonnaise that was served along. There was also a mini cabbage at the corner. It was tasteless,crunchy though.

Coq Au Vin
Wild Mushrooms, Pearl Onions, Bacon and Spatezle.
Last of the mains, I had the traditional coq au vin. Braised chicken in red wine. And the taste of the wine was strong for me as well as some others. Even though the portion was really US size, There is no problem finishing it as the meat was soft and tender. Along with the bacon that look like our Chinese 烧肉 but tasted like bacon still. And my favorite pearl onions were soft and sweet.
The Spaetzle* as a Side to the Coq Au Vin 
This is the first time I have seen this. It is like an egg pasta that is lightly seasoned with salt. Quite tasty and chewy.

*Spaetzle or Spätzli or Chnöpfli in Switzerland or Knöpfle or Hungarian nokedli) are a type of egg noodle of soft texture found in the cuisine of Germany and of Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Alsace

The desserts were all very satisfying and no one complained that they were too sweet. So what fault can I pick in the desserts?
Coupe Aux Poires
Fresh & Confit Pears, Candied Walnuts, Verbena Tea Foam, Pear-Cassis Sorbet

This one scores highest for presentation.

Once you break through the caramel crust top, a lime green gooey cream meets your eye. There after you have the very sour Pear-cassis sorbet.With the candied walnuts and Verbena tea foam, it is a perfect sweet ending after having alot of meat.

Souffle Vanilla Abricot (the french way of spelling Apricots)
Vanilla Souffle, Almond Biscuit Warm Strawberry Confiture,Apricot Ice Cream

I guess my Vanilla souffle was a hot favorite too. It takes 15 minute to make but it is worth it. The best souffle I've ever eat, I admit I like this more than the previous chocolate souffle I had at Pave.

Have you ever find custard inside a hot souffle? My goodness, I don't know how the pastry chef did this but it was truly mind blowing eating experience.

The souffle was not very hard on the exterior and inside was moist and airy. The apricot ice cream was studded with fruit bits. However one disappointment was the the Almond biscuit was replaced by strawberry confiture. But fortunately it was warm and sour.Most likely to be freshly made rather than store bought.

Lady C like this very much as she is very fond of custard like desserts. This dish is really technically challenging and I am speechless with this dessert.
Tarte Aux Fraises
Pistachio Mousse, Sable Breton, Strawberry Ripple Sorbet

Pretty Mum had this as it was extremely light yet sour and most importantly there is the crunchy base that she likes. The entire tart is thin with pistachio cream sandwiched between the thinly sliced strawberries and biscuit base. The strawberry ripple sorbet was slightly sweeter than the apricot ice cream

this is also yet another technical dish to whip out.

Sundae Grue De Cacao
Macadamia Cookie, *Tonka Espuma, **Grue De Cacao Bavaroise, Milk Ice Cream

Lady C had this and I'm glad she enjoyed this. The bavaroise was not sweet at all and has a stickier texture than a typical panna cotta. Guess this is much richer. The milk ice cream was sweet though but you can't complain much when there is multiple textures in your mouth at the same time. The coffee taste was there and also not to miss out the crunchy macademia cookie.

*Tonka Bean is actually a flat, wrinkled legume from South America with an outsize flavor that the federal government has declared illegal. Nonetheless, it proliferates on elite American menus.
Espuma is a foam 

**Grue de Cacao=Cocoa Nibs from Dominican Republic

With such a wonderful dinner and dining companions, what more can I ask for?


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