Ruby Chocolate Now in Singapore: The #Rubylicious Adventure Begins!

It's been a while since I posted anything but I thought it's the right time to kick start things again because

Ruby Chocolate is now in Singapore!

You might have heard about it previously. Dubbed as the 4th chocolate (after dark, milk and white chocolate), Ruby RB1 is derived from the ruby cocoa bean that thrived in cacao growing countries like Brazil, Ecuador and Ivory Coast. Through a direct collaboration with the Jacobs University in Bremen (Germany), the Callebaut Chocolate makers have discovered the best way to process the beans to harness its natural red-pink color and fruity taste.

Now you can have a taste of some #rubylicious creations in Singapore by simply purchasing the tickets at A ticket of $120 entitles you to a single redemption of 8 different items.

 You will create your unique log-in pin for the interactive Xstory app through which you can redeem your item anytime between 18th April to 31st May. Learn the stories behind these creations by using the App to scan the Xstory logo on the ticket hard copy which you will receive after our purchase!

Ticket goes on sale from 15th April. Here's a quick preview of the few items featured on this rubylicious adventure!

Ruby Foie Gras Parfait on Kale & Chives Waffle from Plentyfull

Rubyrazz by Patisserie G

Bashful, Easter Rabbit by Patisserie G

Ruby Red Velvet Cupcakes by Lamb Cupcakery

Through this food trail, you will see that ruby chocolate is such a versatile ingredient that shines not only in pastries but also savoury dishes. Although you can purchase some items directly without buying the ticket, some items like the Bashful Easter Rabbit is exclusively available via the ticket only. Moreover it is such a rare opportunity to have a chocolate event in Singapore so why not jio your family and friends to embark on this delicious adventure?

Join the Adventure. Feel the Spark.