Timeless Treats 老滋味

If you tune in to channel 8 every Thurs night you would have known about this claypot rice stall featured in one of the episodes in 老字号。

After watching this particular episode, (go fast forward to the middle section after they talked about the Popiah),  I wanted to try this even though it's so faraway at ABC hawker centre in queenstown.

And even though we sort of arrived early, there was already many empty pots lying around.and we had to wait for soo long to get our 2 pots of claypot rice. Alamak, this must be one of the longest I've queued at hawker centre.

The minimum price is $10 for 2 person, $15 for 3 person so on and so forth. So unless u r really hungry, don't go there alone to finish the whole thing by yourself. They sell traditional cantonese soups hot from the steamer oven. We ordered one here.

老黄瓜排骨汤 ($2.50)
The taste is quite normal.

   Salted Fish with Lap Cheong(腊肠)Claypot Rice ($10 for 2 person)
Don't know why but this one looks darker and I find it more palatable than the chicken version that was shown on TV.

The uncle was so busy preparing bowls after bowls non stop. Before serving, he would open every single lid, peer into each and later adding in vegetables. Very detail and would not miss out any pot. But nonetheless, I guess they must be very busy as the Auntie sort of mixed up the orders. We had to wait very long after the chinese sausage version was first served.

Salted Fish with Chicken Claypot Rice ($10)

Not sure if it is because they were in a hurry but this has less of the dark soy sauce that they would spurt it from the bottle before serving to customers.
The chicken because they are not frozen but fresh kind, the meat was really tender. But somehow the taste was lighter than the sausage.

Really smoking hot when the lid is opened. Smells Heaven=D

Some commented that it is similar to other places except that perhaps the winning point is the rice which is crispy and fluffy. Look at the end, we scraped out all the delicious charred bits.

Eventually, we all agree that the chinese sausage version 比较够味。

That's the best thing when u have claypot rice. You cannot stop digging for the chunks and bits of 锅巴. Before eating it, I was already addicted to the smell of claypot rice coming from the area that I sat.

简单 又有满足感的老滋味。
A Nostalgic Taste

ABC Brickworks Centre
Open from 5pm


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    Helo,thanks for responding to my posts, glad that you have enjoyed them.unfortunately I won't be able to blog about Singapore food from now on but on Tokyo food instead ,

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