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Harvard Cookies  ハーバード
2 diff flavors in a box!
This one was actually finished eating 2 months ago. The name "Harvard" is quite special (reminds me of the famous university) but it had nothing to do with their cookies.
I guess the biscuit has sth to do with the history. Commemorate some 50th anniversary thing. Although the name sounds prestigious, the cookies are very down to earth. There are 2 diff flavors in a packet. One is the chocolate cookie with vanilla cream and vanilla cookie with orange cream.

I usually prefer vanilla cookie but because of the orange, I find that the cocoa cookie with vanilla cream is a better pair as the taste is slightly bitter and not fruity. I just don't favor fruity kinds of biscuits and chocolates. But if you do, both tastes very crumbly and light.

The ingredients listed on their site are really simple. Just eggs, wheat flour, sugar for the cookies. Like a traditional French butter cookie. They are still available in supermarkets.
オレオスティック Oreo Sticks
Vanilla Flavour
This is a twisted version of our traditional old time favorite snack the Oreo. The matcha flavor is more special because it is has a bittersweet subtle tea flavour but the vanilla one is quite normal.

Available as Matcha Flavour. Individual Packaging
Each contain 3 sticks
However I like that the biscuit wafer is light and crispy as some egg roll biscuits like this are too thick. There are 3 mini sticks in a packet and 1 box contains 3 such packets.

Black HORN
Double Chocolate Snack

This is the best out of the 3 Horn Series chocolate. The biscuit layer is very buttery. And I like it more than 白色恋人again bcos it is less sweet and uses dark chocolate rather than white choc.

If u place it at room temperature the filling just melts in your mouth.

Spicy Chocolate Stick Orange Bitter & Chilli Pepper
I was surprised to see that Meiji produced a Pocky lookalike. Marketed as a good beer snack, I am not sure if it tasted better with beer but they are good on their own.

Rather spicy but luckily the orange taste is subtle as I personally do not like the orange and chocolate pairing.
Though I said the first one is odd, this version is weirder.
Spicy Chocolate Stick Cinnamon & Black Pepper

Quite a turn-you-off kind of snack because 2 very strong spices are used together. The biscuit itself (the end without the choc coating) is dotted with bits of black pepper and slightly salty. All i can say is that it is an acquired taste if you manage to like this.

大人のきのこの山 まろやかカカオ&オレンジ
Orange & Cacao

 Quite a latest one released on 24/5/2011 in Japan. This is a really sweet chocolately mushroom head.

Orange taste is quite sharp, not very mellow or subtle as described, but still acceptable. Nothing really marvelous about this new flavor.

大人のたけのこの里 薫るカカオ&ミルク
Fragrant Cacao & Milk

Remember the salt and praline takenoko biscuit I have wrote about in the last snack review? I believe this is better because the white choc coating blends well with the chocolate cookie. You can still find nuts in this but there is a slight bitterness to the crunchy pine shaped delight. Worth buying.
薫りもおいしい大人の味わい カカオニブとマカダミアが入った薫り豊かなココアクッキーに、コクのあるビターチョコと薫るホワイトチョコを合わせました。

A blend of bitter and white chocolate in the shell
Although it is meant for adults, children like it too. たけのこ=竹の子=bamboo shoots or sprouts?

Summer Edition Glico Coconut Pocky
夏季限定 ココナッツポッキー

Compared to the two previous chocolate sticks, Pocky has also two Summer Collection but I think the packaging is rather poor. Does not really give a tropical feel but a dull heavy mood instead.
Out of the 2, the coconut version stands out more because it contains crunchy coconut bits that are more addictive than the plain and predictable mint counterpart.

夏季限定 ミントポッキー
Summer Edition Glico Mint Pocky

If you like mint, you can try this but the choc layer of Pocky here is too thin vs the Meiji ones above. Perhaps Tim tams mint sandwiches might be a more value for money choice.

If you are a Pocky fan like me who always zoom in at the Pocky shelves for the latest new invention, you might find that this is rather disappointing. In fact the coconut summer edition was available last year. So perhaps it's time to try others such as the Meiji sweet n salty beer sticks.