Pietrasanta : Hansel & Gretel Adventure

Have you heard of the story of Hansel & Gretel?
I've forgotten the story, but only remembers as a rather horrifying childhood experience. Going to Pietsantra is like wandering into the unknown and tadaa.....ended coming out of it with a lot of question marks??? in your head.

A bit scary hor? or romantic?
As like Hansel & Gretel story, I think this is good to just experience it once and well, just take it as an adventure and don't keep recalling it. Aha. First, why did I end up in such a faraway land call "Portsdown Road" (ahem..not Portsmouth) ?

Well, it's because I had to exchange my Insing voucher (Laurent Bernard one) and  I did not want to travel here myself just to get my chocs ( too much time on public transport) and I think it was wise to ask Black Face Dad to come here for dinner, and so can 顺便 get rid of the voucher. If not, I will keep on worrying that the voucher will expire.

As you can see, this place is really hidden. And I finally understand why the Insing Laurent Bernard Voucher can only be used at this particular outlet.....

Okay, back to Pietsantra, when u get here, u will go like, hmm...oohss.....wow.....there is such a place in Singapore!!! Aha....so how about the food here then? By the way, its rated one of the 4 authentic Italian Restaurants in Singapore...so did it live up to its name?

well....though it opens from 11.45am all day on Sunday, we are still the early birds. not only the place is rather creepy to me...like old Victorian village...but the people inside too.  (they seem to be living in their own world.....).There was this old manager who was called by his colleagues to take down our order...but he is quite odd actually. He actually stated that food will come at 6pm and I went huh? I thought the person on the phone said the restaurant was opened the whole day? Wasn't sure if he understood what I was saying and I politely requested another server. And he walked away without coming back.....Aha, so funny and so odd. And he did not call other people to take the order, until I stood up and approached others for help and confirmed that yes, food will be and can be served right after the order is taken.  ??!!??@#$

Starters: Not onion rings but foccacia
They had pizzas, soups, pastas and mains as well as wine if u like to pair it with ur food.

 Insalata Mista
Mixed Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumber, Carrots and Onions Black face dad & pretty mum's healthy dose of veggies
Honestly, there is again, nothing much to comment about this dish. Not worth for $11.90 especially when it comes with NO Dressing. Supposed to use the magic brew of vinegar and oil shown below.

Looks like witches' potion of balsalmic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil!

Zuppa di Farro
Emmer Wheat Soup with Beans, Potatoes, Carrots, Celeries and Onions.A must try! 
The soup is at least sth that is u cannot find elsewhere. They claim it to be a read Tuscany soup and after having it, I would call it the Farmers Comfort Food. A wholesome lot of veggies and I think this is better than the usual creamy western soup. At least it really containes alot of ingredients. Not too salty as the natural flavours are released out.

However, disappointing....disappointing. The duck leg I ordered fell ploomps....below my expectation.yes, it was indeed a lesson to pay when creativity does not always turn out good. I had watched on discovery travel n living channel on which a handsome Italian chef cooked prawns with CHOCOLATE.yeps....its my fav cioccolato into savoury dishes.

Coscia D’anatra in Dolce e Forte
Traditional Duck Leg recipe from south of Tuscany. Stewed with Red Wine, Vinegar, Raisins and Dark Chocolate. A must try!
As you can see, I truly envy the duck which has been indulged with a sweet death .It lies in this shallow plate of chocolate bath. The presentation was simply unappealing, it need not be extremely artistic but the colours were just dull. Did not expect this petit portion for 26.90 bucks. Even the mash potato looks like a pathetic hill.And why is this duck leg so skinny? Where's my drumstick???

the duck skin torn apart from the meat
makes u miss hawker centre's roasted duck

It makes u even sadder for ur decision when the food u order turns out like that, esp when the taste was also awfully bland. I wonder if the kitchen has run out of even salt n pepper. The raisin sauce lacked the punch. Meat was...not dry, but no fragrant smell, no taste. Had a difficult time finishing this although i lamented its small portion.

I stared at pretty mum n black face dad's red appealing veal shank. It was huge n looks so much better.

Ossobuco con Gremolada
Veal Shank braised for four hours and served with Potato Puree, Lemon Zest and Rosemary

Got meh?
Well, under the Policy of Try Everything, I took a bite n it tasted better than my duck but nth impressive to rave about even though it is claimed to be cooked for 4 Hours? The gravy? Rosemary??sniffs hard for the smell...

with the visible bone marrow

Factory Made Linguine in Carbonara Sauce and Ham
The Least Satisfying Carbonara
maggie mee tastes better;)
The worst thing at an Italian restaurant is not to be able to enjoy even the simplest pasta. So basic so classic, yet it was tasteless, dry, not creamy, not cheesy. Contrary to what was on the menu, "Our pasta are all factory made." was the answer i got when i asked the old manager who took the menu.

Then why still write Home made here and there in the menu?  I'm not too sure if i can trust CNN Review that this is the 4 Authentic Restaurants in Singapore. Perhaps I should just go NTUC and buy canned pasta sauce n hv my pasta. They are way lot better...and cheaper.

Tordelli di Carne
The Tuscan version of Home-made Ravioli filled with Meat and Sausage served in Meat sauce
the cross section of the Tuscan? Ravioli
supposed to contain sausage & meat
Taste? Not too bad, compared to the carbonara linguine. But Tuscan? Hmm..I am in no position to comment whether it is really Tuscany as I had not tried much Italian food yet. However, I am sure it does not make you go Wow! Oomph....Very average....and I don't know whether I can trust the two words "Home made".

Lastly, do u still hv mood to read abt the desserts?

La Torta di Pistocchi
Imported from Florence. A must try for Chocolate Lovers.
They are the best things for that dinner but the chocolate tart....way overpriced. It is the most expensive of the 3 desserts. Tasted bitter like eating choc truffle. But nothing special. I think I am paying for the import taxes instead of the chocolate. Sigh=S

Dolce de Duca a.k.a. Tiramisu
Don't be deceive by the presentation. How come the slabs used to serve the desserts were warm? This is not grilled steak.
Tiramisu was soft spongy but eh...again so-so. We should not assume that all Italians can whip out good tiramisu. Definitely not the best one so far. No hint of any coffee liquor=(

Panna Cotta al Caffe e Panna
Italian Coffee and Cream Custard
This was yummy, smooth,silky. But eh? Why is the top layer Caramel? I thought the menu wrote Italian Coffee custard.....again, I don't know why the servers did not inform us that what was served was different from the menu. Or otherwise, they were simply unaware of what they were serving to customers. Or the last option: to the chefs, coffee is caramel and caramel is coffee. All 3 scenarios are equally bad.

Then what's the menu for? This is the question I had after the entire meal. When food served does not match its description, its disappointing and frustrating.

Or should I rename this to Caramel Panna Cotta?
Yes the menu may be nicely written
(Look at the long history on the first page of its menu)......

Yes.The place may be very nicely furnished......

But sadly I could not taste any heart and soul or any sincerity in the food that came frm the Tuscany brothers who run this place.
Its just like a shell that has no flesh when u open it.


For the menu, location & pricing:

Pietrasanta : The Italian Restaurant
Website: http://www.ristorante-pietrasanta.com/index.html


  1. OMG! What a horrible dining experience!!! Was this the one at Holland V which we were supposed to go together?


  2. Ooh...haha...fortunately not that one. This is way more secluded and hidden than the Holland Village's Michelangelo.

    This one is really creepy but surprisingly there were groups of family dining there and the tables were fully reserved when we were there. which i still cannot understand why.

  3. when complaining become an hobby..
    Pour you guys...

  4. Nope, not at all. Complaints can be taken positively too:D depends on what kind of attitude or perspective you take

  5. Complains can definitively be taken positively, but only if they are constructive comments... ;D

    As a consumer reading comments like...

    "They are the best things for that dinner but the chocolate tart....way overpriced.
    It is the most expensive of the 3 desserts. Tasted bitter like eating choc truffle. But nothing special.
    I think I am paying for the import taxes instead of the chocolate. Sigh=S"

    ...i just get the impression that the voice comes from a young person with very limited food/taste experience/judjment that just wanted to use her $25 voucher...

    But I perfectly agree with you that..

    "I am in no position to comment whether it is really Tuscany as I had not tried much Italian food yet..."


  6. Yeps I absolutely agree with you that I am very young and inexperienced at truly knowing what kind of food is really of good quality and which are not.

    Hence I treat every dine out experience as a learning experience and I hope to learn more from people like you as well. Sorry for having to read my poor lousy ramblings if it appeared to you that way.

    By the way, I just would like to clarify that I did not use voucher for this. The one I was referring to was for the chocolate shop nxt door.

    Thank you for your comments and I will try my best to improve my limited food knowledge and way of expressing opinions.

  7. You don't have to be sorry, but yes, sadly the above is a poor lousy rambling..
    If you believe that you are not experienced enough to truly understand food quality/price, try do not always drive your judgment on a negative/despising comment..
    During your outing learning experience, try to develop your own food language/vocabulary, try to spend more words on flavors, texture, creativity, cooking methods.. but more important If you don't like something, say why!
    I can bet most of your reviews are very similar..
    Feel sorry for the people behind these dishes been reviewed in this manner, as I been to Pietrasanta today, and i have to say that is pretty good for the price you paying..

  8. Thank you for your comments and I really appreciated them. You have certainly reminded me of how I should present my food experience in a better way and I will bear them in mind:)

    若有什么欠缺的地方,请多多指点。我会谨记在心,希望以后能再次看到您的留言。可是,若我还未能达到您的要求,还请您多包涵。So please feel free to give any points of reminders. Thank you once again

  9. That’s fascinating! I’ve never heard that before….thanks so much for passing this along


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