Cake over Heels

This is a shop that actually specialises in wedding cakes and big birthday cakes. So I guess we cannot really find exquisite individualized cakes but sliced cakes made from a whole one here. Upon reading that the chefs were from 1-Caramel, I wanted to try out to see how similar or how different they are. Actually, the strawberry cake below resembles the one at 1-caramel, but the rest not at all.

Earl Grey Strawberry Cake

This is their signature tall cake. The moist soaked sponge layers are sandwiched with light pink earl grey cream and strawberries. I would prefer if the Earl grey taste is stronger and the ratio of cream: cake to be higher as I am a cream person. But actually I think the cream is sufficient to most people.

One good thing is that the cake layer is very moist and not sweet at all. It was a pity that the millefeuille flakes coated around the cake was no longer very crunchy due to their contact with the moist cream. Or perhaps the flakes were not toasted enough.

The Mango Pomegrenate Cake

Had this about 2 months after I tried the above strawberry cake. This time, it recalled memories of the Earl grey one above as the sponge layers are very similar, except that the mango here has less cream. but I don't think the name should include pomegranate because i could not find it anywhere in the cake except 3 tiny pieces on top of the cake as decoration?

The base is a crunchy puff pastry layer but this one was crispier than the Strawberry Cake. But there was a sweet glaze between the last cake layer and the puff pastry that makes the bottom little too sweet.

However, the spongy moist cake layer here left a deeper impression than the Earl Grey Strawberry one, perhaps because this time round it was softer. This is definitely a better choice than Mooshi's Mango Custard Cake because both the cream and cake is more superior in quality than the latter. You can tell when you tried both.

Oreo Mud Pie

Besides their 2 signature cakes, they also sell others like this one. A very straightforward cake with cream cheese sandwiched between two chocolate brownie like layer. I have not seen something like this for quite some time except on tv food shows. It was quite interesting looking and decided to give it a try.

Warmed it up in microwave as I think the textures will be softer ad the taste stronger. Not a whole block of cold hard cake. And yeps, the chocolate layer was especially rich moist, like a brownie. The cheese layer was a good balance to this because it was not sweet at all:) As this is rather rich and creamy, I would recommend the tarts here as the crust is really good. Crumby and not too thin or thick.

Lemon Meringue Tart

The tangy lemon curd suits my preference for a sour lemon tart. The thickeness of the filling is just right and can contrast with the marshmallow like meringue. It may look very normal or predictable but I prefer this to Pique Nique's lemon chiffon pie because this has less sugar and the filling really is curd, and not some very light mousse.
Baked Chocolate Tart

Chocolate tart lovers should try this besides the usual ganache cream filled version to know how this is different. It is not pudding but a really much soft cakey like chocolate filling in the crust. Yet you won't fill too full as if it is a baked choc pound cake. It was bittersweet and tastes better again after warming it up.

(The Straits Times wrote that they do supply this choc tart to The Plain Cafe)
Mascarpone Eclair($2.70)

This is a value for $$ eclair as the filling of marscarpone cheese already cost quite a lot for those who uses it for tiramisu. It is not too sweet and the porportion to the choux was just nice. The choux pastry was not much diff from the rest but acceptable.

The 1st & 2nd time I went there, there is only 1 kind of Macaron. This green coconut dusted Macaron with passionfruit filling.
The crust is fragile and light. The passionfruit buttercream did also taste of passionfruit but not as sour as the real fruit.

It was great to see more selection now.
Blueberry (the one in blue), Chocolate (green one) and Peanut Butter (white one)

They all tasted like what they should be(luckily it was not blueberry jam but cream filling for the blueberry Macaron) and my favourite is the Peanut Butter. No reason just personal preference.

Waffle and Chocolate Brioche Bun

I appreciate their effort to wrap evey waffle and bun with plastic wrap so maintain it's freshness. Warmed both of them in the oven and it tastes really good. The waffle is not chao tar but just a darker colour which I prefer rather than a light yellow one. It had cinnamon smell but tasted like a denser packed plain waffle. Chewy but not hard.

The choc Brioche is very tender and cake because perhaps due to the high amount of eggs used. It tastes diff from a typical chop chip bread in most bakeries.

There are also Cake Pops!

There is the blueberry with white chocolate coating cake pop and double dark chocolate cake pop. Those who have tried Starbucks version you will know what a cake pop is.

Very cute looking cupcakes which I had not tried

Nonetheless, for the quality, I think it is worth trying their 2 fruit cream cakes and other pastries that you like. They are located behind Ai Tong Sch and I think it is a good thing that such cake shops have opened in that area because somehow I find them lacking.

And perhaps because of it's location, the prices are more划算than others in prime districts:)The lady who is one of the co-owner of the shop is very friendly and offers sincere service and so it somehows make you appreciate the cakes even more.

Cake Over Heels
26 Sin Ming Lane
#01-115 Midview City


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