Flor Patisserie : 新商品

This is the first time I am writing about Flor Patisserie even though I had eaten almost all of their sliced cakes. Did not take photos that time as I had not started the habit of writing food blogs.

However, since cakes are one of the prettiest things in life, should not they be very suited to be featured as well? It's a pity I could not write about the previous cakes I had here, but well, its never too late to talk about their 新商品.

Hopefully as more people read about this, they will support this shop as such good cakes are rare in Singapore even though there are many emerging new cake shops.

Limited Edition : Strawberry Pie
Crispy puff pastry base, topped with custard cream and strawberries.
there is actually fresh nama cream inside too

This Limited Edition Strawberry Pie drew my attention because of the puff pastry base. Well, this is an extremely well paired dessert. The custard-fresh cream-sponge cake combo is one of the common features of Flor cakes. Now, they've added another layer and it does not spoil the cake. Somehow, it seems like a twist of their signature Strawberry Napolean, but deconstructed and created in another fashion.

Eating pies like this or Millefeuille can get messy at times!
but you will be happy to find yourself in such a mess=D

Was happy that the puff pastry did not turn soggy at all, after having kept them for a day in the fridge. The cream was light and the strawberries were sweet as expected. As compared to Pave's puff pastry, this puff pastry had a lighter shade of brown colour, is less flaky and harder to break apart with a fork.

As for the Framboise, this is tangy, but yet not too sweet, if I were to compare this to Bouncing Berries from Pave. The ratio of the gelee: mousse: sponge is just nice, as I am one who does not like too much sponge and if there is, it better be moist and soft. The taste of the raspberry mousse is not too overpowering and it is not whipped too stiff. I would say that Chef Yamashita is indeed one of the best chefs in Singapore that can do up a fabulously light berries mousse cakes.

"Sitting on a base of FLOR's signature sponge cake, a tart raspberry mousse lightened with a single dollop of fresh cream and topped with a raspberry-kirsh jelly." ~Flor~
To me, the amount of sponge is fits well to the proportion of the cake.

Tofu Rusk (Original Flavour)
Unfortunately when this photo was taken, it was out from the fridge, that is why it is misty and there is only 1 piece left before its all gone! While most bakeries will use overnight bread or unsold bread, toast them and turn them into crispy rusk, Flor uses chiffon cake, which works perfectly as well. Like a sugary butter toast, this one is crunchy and perfect with a cup of hot mocha. However, I just find that the sugar coating is a bit too thick, would prefer it to be less sweet. Nonetheless, I marvel at how they aim to make each of them so thinly as I had come across those that is still in thick toast triangular shape.

Signature cake: Napoleon
The traditional Napoleon, made with Chef's signature puff pastry, the strawberry version.

(this is their best seller, not a new item)
Something nice happened on the day I bought the first two new items. As such, although this is not a new item, i think it's a good chance to showcase the Chef's hard work as well.

Now, can you understand why I say it resembles their limited edition strawberry pie? But this one has a thinner layer of puff pastry. More towards a classic French Millefeuille. I prefer this to a typical strawberry shortcake as it is much more interesting with its multiple textures.

I shared this with C 姨姨, Y 姨姨 and Pretty Mum as I had tried them before. Anyway, yummy food is meant to be shared, right?
Without having to ask her about this, I can already imagine that she must have enjoyed it a lot. Anyone who likes strawberry shortcake or millefeuille should not give this a miss. Afterall, the price is very value for money=)