KNOT Cafe ノットカフェ : THAT Quirky Egg Burger

Opened in July 2015, Knot Cafe is a cafe where you don't have to be hip to enter. The building is distinctive-the red bricks walls and wooden counter table reminded me of the forest loghouses or even barnyard farm house-but nothing too out of place since its concept is a fusion of Kyoto and New York. It started selling coffee using special selected beans from Cafe Grumpy but rose to popularity and fame with its quirky dashi-maki burger.

This place also collaborates with nunu chocolate, a Brooklyn chocolate brand, by using them in the pastries.

And that's the reason why I came here since I don't fancy coffee. Unlike tamagoyaki, dashi-maki is served in soba-ya rather than in sushi places and tastes savoury rather than sweet because they are made with dashi (broth). And that may be one reason why this can be considered novel. But Dominique Ansel has already dished out a similar one called "The Perfect Egg Burger" and Knot Cafe's version still has some imperfections even though the price is cheaper. 

The petit buns from Le Petit Mec are slathered with butter and chives but I thought the spread didn't really match well the omelette which was too thick to my liking. I would just be happy with the buns alone.

However, I loved the An-butter sandwich very much as the butter gradually melted and neutralized the sweetness of the red beans. It was like the dessert bun which complemented the dashi-maki sandwich. Get one each to go with the espresso smoothie and I'm sure anyone will be fully recharged to continue exploring the little neighbourhood.

knot cafe(ノットカフェ)
Access: Wall 15 min from 北野白梅町駅
Daily except Tues 10am-6pm (Opens if Tuesday falls on 25th)
Tel:  075-496-5123